30 January 2017

Happy Monday

I am a little concerned about Bear.  He hasn’t peed since Saturday night, early Sunday morning.  Now I am sure that I will walk in the door tonight and he will have gone or go shortly after I arrive home.  I just don’t get how he can hold it that long.  I mean I have some mad bladder skills but eventually enough is enough and my body says it’s coming out like it or not, ready or not and presto it’s done.  I worry about him blocking again even though he is on food that dissolves the crystals.  I just love him so much and don’t want to lose him.  I’ve checked the camera and it kind of looks like he went but due to the view on camera of his special litter box with pee pads I can’t tell.

When I woke this morning I had more money in my checking account thanks to a state tax refund.  I am holding on to that and not touching it.  Waiting for the big fish from the IRS to be deposited and then I am going to start whacking credit card debt.  Tomorrow is pay day so tonight I get to pay bills.  Normally I don’t look forward to it but I kind of am right now.  I want this to work out so that I can get the toys and other things that I want but at the same time have some money left for savings.  Rainy days happen often and when you least expect them to.  It’s nice to have money stored away for when you really need it.  I’ve got enough credit to pay for most anything but you have to pay that back.  I remember when I was fresh out of Bankruptcy.  Cash or debit was my only option because I had no credit cards.  Now I’ve got several and while I am thankful for them and the convenience they offer, they can also be weapons to trap me in bondage and debt.  Debt is a part of life, I mean I’ll always have a mortgage and probably a car payment but outside of that I really would much rather pay cash for everything.  Life is just simpler and I can rest easier.  It just means I always have to have a receipt so I can keep track of my expenses and I’m pretty good about that today regardless of how I pay.  Accuracy in finance is essential.

Marv slept with me last night until the early hours of the morning and then I had to let him out.  I started him on a pill for diarrhea, then he got his regular prednisone and his antibiotic.  It was pills and liquid last night.  A good portion of the liquid wound up on the back door, but I know he got some of it in him.  I hope that I can bring him some comfort w/o having to lug him back to the vet.  They will want to do tests and those cost money.  Once he settled down Momma had the same problem.  So I gave her some liquid antibiotic.  They both hate it because it makes them slobber like no ones business.  They don’t want your help, they want to be left alone so they can work it out for themselves.  I try to help but they fuss and fight me.  Momma is big on her independence. It’s like hey I survived being outside, I am a tough old bird and I can take care of myself.  Yet she still clamors for attention just as they all do. 

Once I pried myself away from the keyboard and the ice cream container, I sat down on the couch a cushion away from Ruth.  She perked up quickly and discovered that Daddy could pet her.  So she moved closer and allowed me the privilege of scratching her back.  Then she ran away and quickly came back.  She never would jump back upon the couch no matter how much I asked her to.  She had to stay on the floor so she could sprint away from me when she had enough.  I keep hoping that she will warm up to me even more than she has but I don’t know that I will see that day.  She did flex her claws for me so I could see they were not over grown.  She will be due again for a trim next month and I really don’t look forward to it anymore than she does.  Wish I had a dart I could hit her with to knock her out, trim her claws and then wake her up.  I’d do that in a heartbeat rather than fighting with her.  I could also brush her much more easily.  My little dragon.  That is what she should have been named is Dragon.  No one in the animal kingdom in my house has a temper quite like hers.  I mean I am sure if you pushed them they would all react but Ruth it’s the littlest things that set her off. 

Supper tonight will be Lasagna from Maggiano’s, it’s in the fridge waiting for me.  I made a pizza last night so I have one piece left, I’ll enjoy that along with the pasta and then if there is room have some ice cream.  Wow that sounds so good and is probably the best I will eat all week.  Until the weekend. 

Happy Monday if there is such a thing.  Groundhog day is Thursday.  Winter thus far hasn’t been too bad.  Let’s hope that we get some spring soon, very anxious for that time of year.  Not anxious for the sneezing that goes with it but the warm up in temperatures will be a nice change.  Take care, stay warm, be well and I will talk with you all again soon. 

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