04 January 2017

Turning Around

Ah just got some refreshing news.  Last night I sent a very strongly worded email to the car dealer and now magically they are going to have the part that is needed to complete the repair work on the computer in the car.  Takes about an hour and a half to install.  Not looking forward to being held hostage for that long but hey if it fixes the problem then it will be time well spent.  If I have to use my time to come back I made it clear that all hell will break loose.  I think they get the point.  Glad things have turned around and I hope this is the last visit for a repair and the next time I am at the damn place will be for an oil change.  The damn thing locked up on me when I went to leave work.  Bluetooth was hard powered off and the only way to fix that was to do a Master Reset.  I drove w/o a phone connected until I got to the post office.  In the hopes that when I powered off the car to grab the mail and came back that things would be different, but they were not.  So I reset everything.  I have given up on personalizing the system until the repairs have been made, I am tired of setting things up the way I like them only to have to repeat the process over and over.  This should be a set it and forget it type thing.  Technology is great but only when it works.  Of course, if it didn’t fail then I probably wouldn’t have the nice paying job I do. 

Ruth is back to her normal self.  Eating like a pig.  She was drinking water last night and I guess it hit that sore spot on her tongue.  She was kind of dazed for a brief moment but that never stopped her from lapping up that water.  Bears decided to be a bit of a brat this morning and didn’t really care for anything that I put down.  We went through 3 cans of food, he did some nibbling.  When I was ready to walk out the door I had put down his dry food and he was crunching on it, slowly but he was eating.  Not sure if this is just him being a brat or if something is wrong.  My best guess says it’s just him being picky because he knows that I will cater to him.  We had our couch time last night and eventually I got him comfortable and he passed out.  Very enjoyable.

I was late getting home last night because I found an issue at work.  Someone didn’t do their job and this was pretty serious.  I had to involve management and was happy to see that my efforts and concerns were supported.  Not looking for anyone to lose their job but you can’t keep to yourself in the technology world when it comes to issues, concerns and problems.  If you do then you won’t be that helpful.  This was an obvious no brainer situation where Security needed to be notified and wasn’t.  So I wound up doing someone’s job for them.  Picked up some overtime from it, but I was pissed when I left. 

The weather turned bitterly cold overnight and there is a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for later tonight.  It’s going to start snowing but probably not until closer to the morning commute.  Getting to work will probably be difficult but if things look to be too much of a mess then I will just call it and stay home.  I am not risking life and limb to get to work.  This would be a handy situation where I should be allowed to work from home but that isn’t allowed.  Yes, I am a little bitter over that more so the fact that I was lied to than the fact that it’s not allowed.  I’m telling you one snowflake and people around here freak out as if the sky is falling.  We're used to bad weather in the winter but you wouldn’t guess that by the way people react and drive.  If things somehow change and it’s all ice out, that is a mandatory no go in my book.  After what I went through last year coming home, I am not driving on ice until there has been time for treatment and plowing to occur.  I have every plan on making it in tomorrow, I don’t back down just because of a little snow, but it’s more of a use common sense and assess the situation and proceed based off of how I feel.

Speaking of cars the piece of shit as I so affectionately refer to it is back.  My neighbors park this old car on the street, it’s in my blind spot and they are daring me to hit it.  If it was parked in front of their house it wouldn’t be a problem.  I just hate looking out my front window and seeing the damn car.  It was gone for a few days and I got excited as if it was going to be gone forever, guess I couldn’t get that lucky.  I just want it to go away and not come back or to have them park the damn piece of shit in front of their house.  We don’t talk but based on previous actions I suspect they know how I feel about it and they are doing it out of spite more than anything

This is the last day of vacation for our team as our boss returns tomorrow.  There always seems to be more work when he is around.  Everyone is taking an opportunity to catch up and relax or coast a bit.  Kind of nice.  We have a meeting later this afternoon but it shouldn’t take up a lot of time.

I am already looking forward to the weekend and it’s only Wednesday.  Need to get to the pet food store to see if they have Tuna and Egg in stock for the kids.  It’s a favorite for Bear and the Girls like it once and a while as well.  Need to grab the mail if there is any and outside of that I am free, as in nothing planned.  I’ll probably sack out on the couch.  Sunday will be the usual breakfast and grocery store trip.  Then home to work on Laundry and cleaning the house.  Then back to work for five long days.  Didn’t realize it but next Friday is the 13th, that snuck in there. 

That is all I have for now.  Looking forward to spending the evening in my nice warm house with my nice warm cats.  The best thing about a cat is when it’s cold outside they have built in heaters that run all year long.  Shiver no more.  Take care. 

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