09 January 2017

Ah, Monday

The morning came much faster than I wanted it to.  I found a new obsession on NetFlix.  It’s a series that CNN put together about the 80's.  It starts off with TV and then goes into politics.  It’s really interesting and you get to see some clips from old shows, brings back some memories for me.  I am interested in seeing where this goes. Speaking of the 80’s I saw Netflix has a show called One Day at a Time.  I watched the first few minutes of it and it’s nothing like the original.  I passed on it. 
Spent a couple hours with Bear last night, he of course enjoyed himself falling in and out of sleep resting on my leg.  He’d wake up and find that I wasn’t paying attention to him and he would whimper or paw at me to get my attention.  Had to keep a hand on him or he was unhappy. 
It was still bitterly cold out this morning but our warming trend is here.  It’s in the 30’s now which is nice but that is still cold.  The commute was a little slow, there is a construction zone that we have to pass through.  The work is done so hopefully tomorrow it won’t be an issue.
The guy I work with that had all of his teeth pulled is back to work.  Looks pretty good and things went rather well for him.  He still has to get some fitting issues taken care of but the worst part for him is over.  Ouch is all I can say.  I can’t imagine life w/o teeth.
Found that my Raccoon is back.  It was shuffling around next to the window in the basement.  The window is covered with dirt so I can’t see out that well.  Looks like it’s a female because it sure was fat.  My guess is there will be babies soon.  They are cute but I only admire from afar.  I haven’t put out any food and there weren’t any foot prints in the snow. 
It’s been a semi-busy morning.  I am so looking forward to lunch and my Ranch Chicken Salad.  I dropped off a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to a co-worker.  She loves them I on the other hand can’t stand them they are far too Flamin’ for me.  Regular Cheetos for me, they will go good with my sandwich. 
Ruth came and jumped in my bed last night while I was watching TV.  She even let me pet her just a little.  She rolled over as if she wanted me to rub her belly but I knew that was a trap.  I still played into it and she got upset.  Thankfully she didn’t leave.  Momma was right next to her.  The second momma leaves, Ruth is gone.  She is very much her mothers shadow.  Always has been and always will be.  I realized that I haven’t heard Ruth playing lately.  I will have to look when I am downstairs tonight and see if all of her toys have made their way under the couch.  I love to hear her and her momma crowing knowing that they are having fun.  Just not at 3am when I am trying to sleep. 
That’s all I got at the moment.  Looking forward to going home and eating my wedding ball cookies that should be waiting for me on the front porch.  Not sure what is for supper but I know what is for desert. 
Hope your having a good Monday and staying warm.  Back to the salt mine for me. 

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