18 January 2017

Mad as hell

I got a call yesterday afternoon the car was ready.  I left work early using my PTO.  When I got to the dealer I was excited to get back to my car.  Went in got all checked out and then went to my car.  New problem the air bag light is on.  Yes I shit you not.  I turned the car off opened the door, closed the door and restarted the car.  Air bag light went off for a brief moment and then came right back on.  They also left the dome lights on and there is grease or oil on the dash.  Fucking pissed beyond my wildest imagination.  I have only been this mad twice in my lifetime and it’s very serious.  My blood pressure is up and I am sure I am at risk of having something catastrophic happen to me. 

I went back inside and told them about the problem.  The service guy went to the back made some disparaging remarks about me and sent a mechanic out to look at it.  Yep sure as shit the light was on.  I said oh okay I’ll wait while you fix it.  He said it’s five minutes to five, there is no fixing it today.  You are going to have to wait until tomorrow.  WTF!  They suspect the air bag cable is unplugged.  Really you moved it from the service bay, to the car wash, stopped to vacuum it out and then parked it.  I don’t care if it was several people that drove the vehicle, they were all negligent and should have reported this so that I wasn’t inconvenienced. I guess their people just don’t pay close attention to detail.  This is unacceptable.  

So I am back to driving the loaner which is guzzling gas at an alarming rate.  I stopped to fuel it up before I went home, put in $15 and that was to bring it full from a 1/2 tank.  Yeah I wanted an Escape but glad that I didn’t get one if they all consume gas like this – I simply couldn’t afford the gas much less the payments on top of that. 

Once I got home I took care of all of the usual stuff.  Then I sat down at my computer and it took me three hours to get an email composed where I came unglued at the dealership.  I sent it to the General Manager and the Service Manager.  The GM responded that he is out of the office and the SM would be in touch.  Right, it’s a little after noon and I haven’t heard dick from them.  I think they took one look at my letter and they don’t know what to do.  I told them straight out that I was writing the manufacturer and also going to speak with an attorney.  I have reached my breaking point.  I’ve been nothing but patient and cooperative, now it’s time I get compensated for my inconvenience and aggravation.  Ideally I’d like a new car preferably in Blue.  I’ll never own a black car again.  If I wind up keeping this then they need to pony up some cash to compensate me.

I’ve talked with an attorney and they are reviewing the case.  I am waiting to hear back if I have a case.  If I do the first thing they will do is send a demand letter requesting all of my money be refunded, that is the total purchase price for the vehicle and extended warranty.  Now obviously just because someone demands something doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen.  This is just the first step in the journey which will likely drag out for months or even years before I get a settlement of any kind, that is presuming I have a case. 

One of those things that I didn’t get done over the weekend was putting together a time line of events that have occurred with this.  I’ll be dong that tomorrow afternoon with whatever time I have left after the funeral.  Then I have to get that plus several other documents off to the attorney, I really don’t want to send anything unless I know for certain the attorney will take the case.  It’s just more wasted effort and time.  I will also be composing a letter to the manufacturer to voice my complaints and concerns.

I was browsing on FB this morning and found out that this model car also has widely known transmission issues. There is a class action lawsuit for that.  If the lemon thing fails I will attempt to join the suit.  The car doesn’t shift properly and hesitates some of which are complaints of many other consumers.  In some cases the transmission stops shifting all together.  That is just scary, your traveling along and then no fault of your own your involved in an accident because of a defective transmission.  You have got to be kidding me.  They should be recalling and replacing these instead of continuing to turn a blind eye and cranking out new units. 

So I have to rely on my phone to get me to the funeral home, the loaner doesn’t have navigation.  I hope that I make it w/o any issues.  It’s bad enough to go to a funeral it’s worse if you get lost getting there. 

Holy Hell some luck I have.  So much for a better year.  Maybe it will just be a dark month or two – I haven’t totally given up on having a better year but it’s not starting off real well. 

Off to eat lunch and then in a few hours off for the unpleasant journey to the funeral home.  I will pick up my car rain or shine on Thursday morning.  I told them they have plenty of time to have multiple people inspect it from head to toe so that there aren’t anymore glitches.

Send some good vibes my way I could use them.  Really think I am going to crack pretty hard this afternoon at the visitation.  I am very worried but my emotions are mine and you can’t hold it in forever, that is just unhealthy. 

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