23 January 2017


In combing through my emails I managed to finally deal with emails from the doctors office.  I saw the blood work that they did and there are issues with my liver enzymes.  My A1C is high as well.  Looks like I am in search of a bucket.  No messages from the doctor, no letters either so I suspect things aren’t terrible or he would have called. 

The steroids he has me on have my sugar way high.  Like in the 230 to 300 range.  It’s not healthy at all and almost like I stopped taking my blood sugar medicine, which I didn’t.  Steroids have this as one of several other side effects.  I feel dizzy, think I see things that aren’t there it’s just plum craziness.  Thankfully I am on the down hill slide and will be done with them on Saturday.  The biggest decrease in dosage comes on Thursday so hopefully that will be the day things get better for me.  The biggest thing is the higher the sugar level the sleepier I get.  I am ready for a nap now that lunch is over with and I have 1 boring meeting to sit through thankfully it’s only a 1/2 hour. 

High sugar levels also affect your mood, how you feel and how you sleep.  Last night I went to sleep, I felt tired but my brain was in over drive.  I couldn’t turn it off.  I just closed my eyes and held on to Marv for a bit.  As soon as I was comfy Marv had to be let out.  Then back to bed started the journey all over again.  At some point I fell asleep but I can’t tell you when it was. 

I am sure that I should sleep well tonight.  The arm is feeling better but I think Thursday will be nice if I am able to squeeze in a massage.  With all of the steroids I have been on you’d think that those knots in my back would have taken a vacation, or so I hope. 

Plaid soccer with Marv and then fish with Marv, Gator and Bear.  I tried to get Ruth to join us but she was being her usual self and didn’t want any part of it.  She was interested but only to a point.  We had some fun and of course it was all over with way too soon.  Marv got the bulk of the play time, which was really good for him.  I think he needed to know that I still care about him, despite all of the normal stuff I do.  He really likes it when I take an interest in him and we can play together.  Being a cat daddy sure is a lot of work!

Checking my email this morning I got something from one of the dating apps.  It’s shows new people around me.  I was very surprised to see a classmate appear.  Were the same age.  I always thought he was straight.  Turns out he’s omnisexual or something like that I’ve never heard of.  He said he was bi as well.  What I thought was really interesting was he said not to message him unless you truly knew what BSDM stood for.  Well his name isn’t Christian Grey but wow, never figured him for the kinky type.  Sure I know what it stands for and some of it is actually okay in my book.  However, I am not attracted to him.  He’s very smart and more advanced in computers than me, he runs his own business.  Pretty cool.  I guess you never know who you will find out in the world, especially on dating apps.  Now he’ll get a notification that I looked at his profile and he can certainly look at mine, but that is really as far as I want things to go.  So I am still in the game, just waiting to see if I will be able to meet someone. 

Being at work today isn’t exactly where I want to be.  Sure it pays the bills but last Monday I was free from work.  I think it would be great if we could declare Monday’s holidays and no one would have to go to work or school on those days, unless they worked an essential job.  You know like gas station people emergency services, etc.  It’s a novel idea but will never come to pass.  Still I am free to dream, it costs nothing. 

Well back to the salt mine, stuff sure does have a way of piling up.  Pretty busy this morning which made it go by fast.  Now I am eager to get to the part where I can go home and be with the kids.  Hope all is well in your world.

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