25 January 2017

11 Months from now …

Christmas it will be!  Hard to believe that just last month we were celebrating the holidays.  Time does truly go by way too fast. 

Yesterday morning I woke up and my body told me your staying home today.  I wanted to come to work I didn’t want to stay home but the more I pushed the louder my body spoke.  Finally I gave in and called it a day before the day had really even gotten started.  The kids were in heaven because they got daddy time.  I like the fact that I was able to go back to bed.  My arm and shoulder were bothering me and my blood sugar was off the chart.  I think both of those items working together in tandem are what caused me to feel so bad. 

After my nap or return to bed, the kids thought they were going to get breakfast again.  Sorry didn’t happen, they didn’t even try to worm lunch out of me.  I did have to listen to the cry of a Gator but I have grown used to that sound.  I took some extra medicine in the hopes of better controlling my sugar.  Of course all I wanted to do was eat.  There really isn’t much in the house and I had to talk myself off the ledge. 

I deleted a bunch of programs from the DVR and cancelled series that I never watch, to make even more room in the future.  Watched a collection of Steve Harvey shows.  I learned all about Venmo Dating.  Venmo is an app that you can send cash to friends with.  Apparently guys will ask a girl out, pay for everything and it all looks chivalries.  Then the next day they will send the girl a Venmo request saying you owe me money for last nights dinner.  That’s low and fake.  If a guy ever sends me a request like that it’s over with.  The setup here is he makes her feel good so that she will give up her booty and then regardless of what happens the request is sent the next day.  Wow is all I can say, pretty low. 

I started to watch a movie or TV and things were droning on, I got disinterested and turned off the TV.  I remember telling Gator don’t let me nap terribly long I need to stay awake.  Then two hours later I woke up like holy hell what happened.  I wasn’t happy but it’s not Gators fault. 

Yesterday was one of those days where I needed to get out but just didn’t.  There is medicine waiting at the pharmacy and 2 days now 3 days worth of mail building up at the post office.  So tonight I’ll be a little late in getting home as I make a couple stops. 

Something productive had to come from yesterday, so last night while I felt empowered I decided it was time to pull the trigger and I filed my taxes.  Identity Thieves be damned, the sooner you can file the better the odds in combating ID theft.  I could have gone with a free app and done everything for no cost but I opted to stick with trusty and faithful Turbo Tax.  I’ve got a nice amount of cash coming back but if I put it towards bills or debt it will be gone in a flash.  My plan is to get it and then decided what to do.  It’s not like I am in a hurry up against a deadline.  I have desires and dreams but when it comes to money your better off not spending the money until you actually have it in your hand, otherwise it tends to be gone even faster and you might overspend.  While this is the earliest I have ever filed I am glad to have it off my list of things to do. 

Big Boy was sure active in the bathroom yesterday.  He kept me hopping.  Monday night I was surfing the net downstairs and heard this horrible noise.  I just knew he fell down the steps and I went running I came up stairs and everyone was looking at me like what, it wasn’t me, honest I didn’t do anything.  Yeah everything was fine.  Small heart attack not sure what happened but everyone is and was okay.  That wasn’t good for my body at all. 

So back to work today, sugar level is falling more into the normal range as I drop off of the steroids.  Saturday is the last dose and I am thankful for that.  Since I tend to indulge a bit more over the weekend my sugar levels are usually up but I try to compensate by taking additional medicine.  I did hear back from the doctor on Monday night, he said that the blood work was okay for now.  Were going to check again in 3 months and if things are not in line then there will be changes made to my medication.  So I will be paying a little more attention to what I eat but not by much. 

Playing catchup here at work.  That is the only problem with taking time off, things pile up and you get to dig out from your own snow storm.  Speaking of snow, none of that in the immediate forecast for us but our temps are headed back to cold.  We have enjoyed some nice spring like weather but all good things must come to an end.  Spring will be here soon enough. 

Frontline aired a story last night on Trump’s road to the White House.  I found it interesting and only made it half way before my eyes got heavy and I had to go to bed.  Marv stayed with me for a bit but eventually left me to be on my own.  I sure miss him, really wish we could go back to the nights when he would stay all night long.  Maybe the medicine I am getting him and will be giving him will help encourage that to happen.  I worry about all of my cats, but I think that is normal for any owner. 

That’s all I know and it’s not much.  Looking forward to the season premier of Suits tonight to see what happens with the Firm now that Jessica is gone.  I just hope that I am able to enjoy some of the evening before it’s all gone.  With all of the running I have to do mixed in with supper and combing through the mail I feel like the evening will be over with before it starts.  I could have taken today and it was tempting not to but I knew that I had to come back eventually.  Plus today was the last day to sign up for a massage tomorrow.  I am going to plead my case to start and stay face down during the whole hour tomorrow, my upper back needs some serious work.  I hope that the therapist will allow it and get the knots out.  I really need all of the help I can get.  This bicep or arm thing is really starting to become more of a pain.  I resisted picking Bear up last night, he wasn’t too happy about it but I told him daddy’s got to heal his arm.  Typing, driving and anything else that involves bending my arm for any length of time hurts. 

I got a tip, to raise the bottom and lower the top to create a negative tilt.  That is suppose to help, it’s oddly comfortable but not something that I can tolerate for a long period of time.  Logitech has a Comfort Wave Keyboard that will allow you to adjust more to your liking.  I am beating myself up if I should buy it for work or just let things be.  While I am quick to blame Bear for my injury I am honestly not sure what caused it in the first place.  If changing a keyboard or a mouse is going to give me relief then I am all for it.  If I am throwing my money away well I’d rather not do that.  Funny how I research the crap out of most things that I want to buy but I never put forth any effort when buying my car.  Maybe this can all be attributed to the car because the seating is different.  I just want the pain to stop, don’t really care about who or what to blame.  Speaking of the car I turned over 4 thousand miles this morning.  Oil change is in my future somewhere between 5 thousand and 7,500 – the car is supposed to tell me when it’s time, let’s hope that feature works really well.  I am hypersensitive when it comes to the car so I know I’ll be on it and watching. 

Now time to wrap up and get back to work.  One meeting this afternoon and it’s short.  Rest of the afternoon is wide open and hopefully I can keep busy without any chaos breaking out, that would be really good.  Hope your all well, safe and warm.  Talk with you again soon. 

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