13 January 2017

Wake Up Call

It’s a little after 5a and like most people in my time zone, I was asleep.  Actually had just entered into a dream when the damn phone started ringing.  It took me a minute to get my bearings and answer the phone.  I saw it was work calling.  Sure enough they opted to close the office.  Thank the lord!

When I went to bed last night the forecast said that the rain would arrive in the afternoon but it would be cold in the morning so icing was going to occur.  There was a state of emergency declared by the Governor who ordered that everyone stay in doors and not drive unless absolutely necessary.   Glad we complied with his order.

Now there is something about being a prisoner in your own home that drives me crazy.  I am actually doing okay with it now, but tomorrow I will be ready to climb the walls.  I may venture out then depending upon how things are.  There is more rain and ice on the way tonight and tomorrow.  Sunday things will begin to clear out and Monday were in for a major warm up.  What freaky weather. 

So I spent Friday the 13th at home with my black cat.  I napped a good portion of the day.  Had an idea to move in to my late partners bedroom but when I went to see what I would need to do, it was really easy to talk myself out of the idea.  Leaving things as they are.  I was in the bathroom and looking around I said it’s been 3 years and I can’t move on.  I mean I have moved on but throwing stuff away is really difficult for two reasons.  One considering who it belonged to.  Two because there is a limit imposed on how much trash I can have.  Everything has to fit inside the large plastic trash bin I have or else they won’t take it.  My hillbilly neighbors will be learning that lesson when they come home tonight.  They have preached and preached if it’s not in the bin there are no exceptions we won’t take it.  Most weeks I am full up on trash with me and the kids.  Eventually I will get around to throwing stuff away but I don’t know about moving in his old room.  I like to go in there to sleep on the weekends once the kids decide they are taking over my bed and there is no room left for me.  It’s comfy and feels nice.  I still sleep on my side, his side is weighted down with crap.

On a different note I saw Barbershop 2 today.  Pretty good movie, lots of laughs but a serious message.  I highly recommend the movie if you get a chance to watch it.  I am looking to watch Bleed For This with Miles Teller.  It was in theaters for a very short time and now it’s vanished.  I wonder if it will ever come to the streaming market.  He’s oddly hot in my book and I never pass up a chance to see one of his movies.  I wouldn’t pass up the chance to spend a night alone with him either, if you know what I mean. 

Did some research on my car and the lemon law.  Turns out there are lawyers that practice in the lemon law area.  I took an assessment without revealing any information and I have a good possibility of having a case.  I was encouraged to give them my information so they could talk with me to learn more about what I am going through.  Right now I am opting not to talk with an attorney.  I will give the dealer a second chance and hopefully the processor replacement does the trick.  I looked up the processor called an APIM, the damn thing is super expensive and is the brains of the system so if they in fact replace it then I am pretty confident that will fix the problems.  If that doesn’t fix the problem then I will talk with an attorney to see if I in fact have a case.  I am going to put together a timeline this weekend and gather up all of the emails that have been exchanged.  Better to prepare now and not need it, then to need it and not be prepared.  I heard that dealers and manufactures will often promise you they are looking into it, when they in fact are doing nothing.  They want to wear you out mentally and physically so that you cave in the hopes that you will sell the vehicle as is to be done with it.  Well we all know I am not that kind of person.  If you picked me to fuck with, you picked the wrong motherfucker.  I am relentless and will zealously pursue any and all claims that I have.  This car is suppose to be a reward a present to myself for all of the shit I have been through and then to have it not work right, that is just messed up. 

Just got a call from my friend, his wife passed away about 10 minutes ago.  I am honored that he thought to call me first instead of family but he’s waiting for a hospice nurse to come and pronounce her and then the funeral home to come get the body.  He said that he would call me back over the weekend and we would talk some more.  I learned that she has been in a coma since Wednesday and they really thought she was going last night, the nurse was around until midnight.  I really hope the funeral can wait until Tuesday, I don’t mind cashing in a day of my time for this but really don’t want my Monday fucked up. I feel really bad for him that she is gone, but at the same time take some comfort in knowing that she isn’t suffering anymore.  He can now move on with his life, slow and painful as it will be, he will get better but it’s going to take time. 

Take care and we shall talk again soon.  Stay warm & be safe out there! 

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