21 January 2017

The Ketchup Post

Life has been busy and time just got away from me.  Let’s play the fun game of catch up, which is nothing like mustard. 

The car…... I have an attorney now, really sad that it had to come to this.  The last thing I wanted was to go down the legal road.  I am unsure what is going to happen but hopefully it will all turn out for the best.  I have the car back, got the dumbest explanation for the air bag light being on and here we are.  I am driving the car because it is my only mode of transportation.  I don’t have high confidence about it’s performance and/or if the air bags will deploy if God forbid there is an accident.  Who knows how long this will linger on, but lets hope its all done in six months or less.  The sooner the better for me. 

The funeral…. I made it to the visitation.  I took an extra handkerchief but didn’t need it.  I did tear up a little bit but I never actually allowed myself to cry.  I returned the next day for the funeral.  This was where all of the tears came out.  I just couldn’t hold back, once we got to the final procession where you walk in front of the casket to view the body one last time, that always is a tear jerker for me.  I was a mess and could have used some help to navigate but I did the best I could.  The service was very emotional, but simple – short and sweet.  I also learned that my late friend was quite the fan of Tweedy Bird and she even had a tattoo of him on her ankle.  She was only 60 years old.  She wasted away to nothing and looked horrible.  You could tell that she suffered.  Her husband showed me photos going from present day back a few months and I could see the drastic change in appearance.  He’s doing okay but this is understandably a rough time for him.  He called me today to go to supper, but I had to turn him down.  I had just eaten plus had some work to take care of, we did chat for a short bit.  Perhaps we can get together next week.  He goes back to work on Tuesday. 

Friday… Back to work for what was the last day of the week.  Wow it was a stressful one.  Someone fell for a weaponized word doc in an email that likely had ransomware included.  This all happened very late in the afternoon, quite close to quitting time.  The person forwarded the email to one of our internal help desks and then everyone that is on that help desk tried to open it, so we had multiple machines to deal with.  It was a huge mess and actually got me some overtime, plus caused me to take in Taco Bell for supper.  Got home around 7:30 after going through the drive up.  Watched a movie on Dekkoo (gay filmography pay streaming service) called Godless.  It was about two brothers who grew up gay, had sex together and how things turned out after they grew up and their parents died.  Interesting and worth your time if your interested. 

Saturday….. This has been quite the productive day.  I wake awakened by the serenade of The Gator.  Got up had breakfast after feeding them.  Then I slowly got dressed and managed to get out.  Grabbed the mail first.  It contained some good news, got a check that I was expecting.  A new credit card came in, my monthly cologne subscription arrived.  The rest was bills.  Hey it can’t all be good.  From there I made my way to the home improvement store.  Dropped $69 picked up some water softener salt, batteries, furnace air filters and the key lock box that I wanted for the garage.  Then hit up Target and got some cat litter, toothpaste and deodorant.  Back to home base.  Unloaded.  Got undressed, relaxed with the children in my room.  Finished watching an interesting but yet strange movie on Netflix called Take The 10.  Watch it is all I can say.  It’s good but yet it’s bad at the same time. Time for a nap.  That brought us to about 2:30 in the afternoon.  Got the children their precious lunch, as I was once again awakened by the Gator.  Twice in one day, she is going for a record or something.  Anyway, got dressed and then hit up Texas Roadhouse.  Had some country fried chicken, it was good.  Then it was on to the upscale grocery store to stock up on oatmeal.  Then on to Best Buy to look at keyboards and mice.  I have an obsession here and was looking to replace what I have at work.  I use the MX Anywhere Mouse by Logitech on my home computer and my laptop that is at the office.  I was looking to pickup another one to swap out with my mouse at the office.  I started looking at keyboard combos but none of them that I saw had a small factor mouse with them.  I think that helps the whole muscle tendon thing.  I wound up leaving w/o buying anything.  Shocker, that is a first.  I just kept telling myself you don’t need this, your wasting your money. 

Got home, put away the groceries that I picked up.  Then it was a retreat to the basement where I knocked out a bunch of things.  One of them being getting my taxes preliminarily together.  I’ve took time to put all of the figures in and my refund thus far is set to be about $300 less than last year.  Not bad.  Broke even on my state tax which is okay, better than owing them.  I am waiting for some additional forms to trickle in and once I have them I can hit the GO button and that will be one more thing I can check off the list.  Looking forward to it as well as to getting the refund deposited in my bank account.  I plan to pay off some debt and to try to save some for those rainy days that seem to come when you least need or expect them.  One thing I have learned is there is and always will be someone or something to take your money.  Better to have money to pay for it than not to. 

I got the key safe mounted, it’s up and won’t be coming down but I should have mounted it a little lower it would have been a tad bit more secure.  It’s inside the garage so I am not concerned at all.  I know I am no handy man.  Even if it did involve screwing, you’d think I would be a subject matter expert.  Yes that was a poor attempt at humor. 

Got the laundry going, loaded in the water softener salt.  That didn’t help out my arms or my back any.  I am on call but still going to take a 1/2 of a muscle relaxer, hopefully a hot shower and then call it a night.  I’ll be watching TV with the kids until it’s time for me to pass out.  I have to wake up early tomorrow to take care of some testing at work because I am still on-call.  Then it will be off to fetch breakfast, do my regular grocery shopping, get gas for the car, maybe pickup some cat food and that’s it – I am done with running for the day.  Still have to finish laundry and got to break out the kids least favorite thing.  Yep, it’s the ultimate sucking machine otherwise known as the Vacuum Cleaner.  Right now before I put it off any longer or it slips my mind I am going to order Marv’s medicine.  Poor guy, he’s still got the runs but seems to be doing okay. 

Hope all is roses in your world and that your comfortable as well as enjoying your weekend and able to relax.  Monday truly will be back to the 5 day work week for me for the first time in several weeks.  Let’s hope I make it unscathed.  Take care and we shall talk again soon! 

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