14 January 2017

A Good Time

This afternoon I took a break and went upstairs, I had plans of coming right back down just wanted to check on the kids.  I found most of the family camped out in my room.  I came back downstairs and turned off my monitors and desk lights.  Then went back upstairs and picked up Bear and put him in my bed.  I sat in my chair and fired up the TV.  Thank God for Epix free trial on Roku.  I have exhausted everything that I am interested in, so I have to search for new things.  Being trapped in the house for a day will cause that. 

It wasn’t too much later, Marv joined us and then Momma.  The nut cracker Gator came in and sat in my lap.  I call her the nut cracker because she is forever stepping on my balls.  Good thing I don’t plan on reproducing.  Anyway the boys got situated in bed.  Momma joined them and the TV played some movie that was semi interesting.  Had some cute guys in it all about a college experience and baseball.  I really enjoyed being together as a family and seeing the boys passed out.  Bear was snoring at one point, I paused the movie just to listen to him.  I should have recorded it but I didn’t.  This by far was the very best thing to happen all weekend thus far. 

I took a nap this afternoon with Marv, he stayed for a little bit and then retreated to the floor.  When I woke up my room smelled like cat crap.  I figured Marv or Momma did something they shouldn’t have in my room.  Nope, nothing there.  I passed out lunch and the problem revealed its self, Marv he had an accident and it was in his fur.  He is very fastidious and doesn’t like any help with grooming or bathing.  He was embarrassed and mad at the same time.  I had to get it out, I couldn’t just let him stay that way.  Fixed him up the best I could.  Dried him off and let him work out the rest.

This morning when I woke up it was way too soon.  I fed the children and looked outside.  It was all wet but didn’t appear to be icy.  Temperature was right at freezing.  I elected to get dressed and head out.  Stopped for breakfast, then went on to get my haircut.  The place I normally go was closed because of the weather.  Bunch of woosies.  I went a few doors down and another place I used to go was open.  I paid considerably more but got my neck shaved, which is a nice extra touch.  They didn’t have the new size guard I use so I had to go shorter.  Not what I wanted to do but it will last a bit longer.  Got a great shampoo and conditioner.  The lady that took care of me knew what she was doing.  I told her the reason why I left is no one could give good head a good shampoo.  I like it rough not like your pulling my hair out but I like to feel like your doing something instead of just lightly playing with my hair.  It drives me insane when I pay for a shampoo and get someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.  Anyway grabbed the mail after the haircut and I have been home ever since.  I was right it was all wet outside and no ice on the road. 

Round #2 is coming in tonight and will be here for the bulk of the day tomorrow.  So getting to the grocery store and having breakfast in the morning should be interesting.  I can wait until the afternoon if need be.  I am way ahead of schedule as in the laundry is done.  I still have to clean the house but that won’t take but a half hour.  I could wait until Monday for everything if I have to.  I will just have to eye ball it and see how bad things are.

Did some searching on line and got funeral arrangements.  Visitation is Wednesday and the funeral is Thursday.  I have been in touch with my boss and plan on leaving work early on Wednesday and taking Thursday off.  I said I would be there and I am doing everything in my power to live up to that.  They don’t want flowers but I looked anyway.  Damn those fuckers sure are expensive.  I’ve kept a close eye on my phone all day thinking that my friend would call but haven’t heard a word from him.  My guess is he is exhausted and overwhelmed.  I wanted to stop by his house today but elected not to.  If things are half way decent tomorrow I may make the journey to his place and suggest we grab a bite to eat.  I know what he is gong through and know that this is the time you need your friends and family.  The funeral service I suspect will be short and not sure if they will have food afterwards.  The funeral home he chose is close by his house but it’s like going to the other side of the earth for me, it’s about an hour and a half away from my house.  45 minutes from work but that is with no traffic.  My plan is to get to the visitation early and hopefully leave early so that I can feed the children dinner w/o having them crab at me. 

I’ve spent a good portion of the day just listening to music, kind of relaxing and bringing back some memories with it.  It’s amazing how many Rock N Roll songs talk about living w/o someone, loosing someone, a break up, etc.  I thought all of that was mostly Country but it’s like buying a poke a dot car, you never see one and once you make your purchase there are suddenly 2,000 of them around you. 

Kind of nice to have a 4 day weekend.  Not looking forward to going back on Tuesday mostly because I will be on-call.  I hate asking for help with coverage and announcing that I will be taking time off, but shit happens and people just have to understand that.  I am loyal as fuck to my friends because they are all I have left in this world. 

Speaking of friends I have been thinking of writing to a friend/former boss the one I talked about back in late November who is getting a divorce.  I really want to ask him for dating tips, I have a wicked crush on him but he’s straight.  It’s kind of a turn on for me to ask but I am also being serious considering how new I am to the dating game.  I found that he is on one of the apps I am, I can’t look at his profile because we are outside of each others geographical limits and unless you pay you can’t change your location unless you physically go to another city/state.  I state clearly in my profiles that I don’t want a long distance relationship but I still have people hitting me up from across the country wanting to chat.  I don’t respond – either they didn’t read my profile or are hoping I make an exception.  Unless they look like a porn star or a Greek god there are no exceptions.  I see no point in talking with a guy who is no where close to me in proximity, it is just a waste of time.  I’ve been down that road and you can develop feelings easily.  I don’t want to get sucked into something that I am not looking for in the first place.  I want a guy who is within an hour or two hours drive at most.  Someone I can reach out and physically touch and don’t have to FaceTime or Skype with.  Who ever he is I just wish we could hurry up and meet to get this relationship thing started.  I am thinking right now that I am going to be single forever.  Not that is a bad thing but having someone in my life is something I’d like to try before I dismiss the idea forever.  I think I owe that to myself. 

Hope your staying warm and having a good weekend.

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