05 January 2017

:( No Massage

My sole reason for coming to work today was to get a massage.  Turns out the therapist isn’t coming.  Not sure why but now I want to go home.  Shame it doesn’t work like that. 

We did have some powder fall from the sky, looks nice but there isn’t enough of it.  I’d say there was maybe 2 inches if that.  There was enough to cause problems, prompt closings and encourage people to delay there morning commute.  I heard the traffic report and the route that I take had no issues.  Every other route had something going on.  I was able to arrive with no major issues, some pokey drivers and some inch worm time but nothing that I am not used to.  Made it here with a half hour to spare.  Let’s hope the commute home is just as nice.  I’ve got to stop to get the mail and see what fun awaits me.

Last night I resolved to write a letter to the vet.  I didn’t ask for a refund or even intimate that.  I just provided some feedback to say you need to communicate with your clients better.  If your going to charge for something don’t make it a surprise, tell them up front.  I faxed the 2 page document last night and thus far no response.  I anticipate they will provide some good will adjustment and if that is the case you can just put that right back on my credit card.  If they don’t acknowledge the letter I sent by fax, then I will mail a copy and send it directly to the owners – that should prompt a response.  I am thankful for the care that Ruth got but I didn’t think I’d have to take out a loan to pay for it.  While it would be nice to get money back, I am more looking for an acknowledgement and apology.  That will help soften the blow and calm me a little bit.  This whole thing proves to me it’s all about money to them.  I get it money is important to all of us but you don’t have to capitalize on my misfortune.  It’s like kicking someone when they are already down.

I’ve been hearing commercials about this grammar checker – it purports to do a way better job than what is built into word.  If you have Chrome they offer a browser extension.  There is a free service that is basic.  If you want to up your game you can pay and they will provide you with extra features.  I am cheap so I opted for the free account.  I used it when I made my post yesterday and I also used it when writing to the vet last night.  It’s called Grammarly, type that into a search engine and you should be directed to their page.  It’s neat but the think I dislike about it is when your using it in Word the auto save feature is turned off.  So unless you save frequently if your machine crashes or Word locks up, you will loose your document.  That is not cool.  I would like to try the paid account but don’t want to fork over the cash for a subscription.  It would be nice if they would give you a sample on something you wrote, rather than an example that was pre-written.  I am all for something that makes me communicate better, lets face it we all do some form of written communication every single day.  Be it a tweet, post on FB, sending an email or Text.  The written word I think is used just as much if not more than the spoken word.  Oh, one more draw back this is designed to be used on a computer not on a mobile device.  So your SOL when it comes to your phone.  Who makes post from a PC on social media, I would suspect very few people.  I’ve done it but it’s rare, most of the time I use my phone.  

Chili was supper last night.  A packet of Wendy’s hot chili mix and a packet of some Taco Bell Hot Sauce.  Then mix in cheese, crackers and sour cream.  For canned chili it sure was good.  Nothing like Wendy’s which I think is the best in terms of fast food.  Steak N Shake is great as well but Wendy’s has more ingredients than just beans and meat, which is why I like it so well. 

I have no idea tonight what I will eat.  Thinking about Spaghetti or Chicken Pot Pie.  It’s a toss up and will greatly depend upon my mood when I walk in the door.  I have to get the trash out tonight so it will be a rushed night.  Trash, Grocery Shopping, Laundry and a few other things are just the Bain of my existence.  Necessary evils like work, I do them because I have to not because I enjoy them or want to. 

Boss man had to take one of his kiddos to the doc and he’s going to be in late.  Fine by me, I’ve got a meeting with him this afternoon and outside of that my schedule is wide open.  There have been some additional after the 1st of the year departures.  I worked with a lady yesterday who wasn’t smart and didn’t back up her phone.  I told her that I was going to wipe the device and then she just kept stalling each time we approached the deadline.  Finally I had to involve a manager and was given a hard and fast deadline of 5p.  The lady tried to guilt me into extending the time by saying she was prepared to loose everything in order to make the deadline.  Glad to hear it.  I sent the wipe at 5p and then I had to wait for it to complete.  Sorry she didn’t backup and if she lost everything but I have a job to do.  It’s not personal it’s business and the guilt thing yeah that didn’t work and I didn’t respond.  I also whacked her account and access card at the same time.  She was done at 5p regardless if she wanted to be or not.  Once she walked out the door there was no way for her to get back in.

So I mentioned the other day I had a nibble in the dating game.  Yeah it was a hi how are you message.  I responded and bam just like that no response back.  Not sure why people play games, I mean I only message people I am interested in.  If they write back great and if not well there are more fish in the sea.  I want to up my game and join one more app but right now I am doing okay with 2.  I figure the more apps the better the odds.  Sort of like applying for a job.  The more jobs you apply for the better your odds and eventually with the law of averages something has to come your way.  I’d like to think the same thing applies when trying to find a guy but it’s not necessarily true.  I am picky and holding out until it feels right.  We have to go on a few dates before sex is even on the table and thus far I have never, ever been on a second date.  Can’t wait for that to happen.  Being accepted and having someone like you for you, is incredible and awesome.  I want and need that very much. 

Much closer to lunch time and there is also one more day left in the week.  Next week will suck for most people because it’s back to five days.  That’s when you know the holidays are done.  Then for giggles we sneak in MLK day on the 16th, then after that there is a very long haul until May.  Thank goodness for PTO because I don’t know how people would make it otherwise. 

Back to the grind, hope your staying warm and that life is treating you well.  Here is to one more day and may it move fast because I am ready for a nap and to do nothing but veg out – I have proven to myself that I can accomplish that task with ease.  Take care.


Jude said...

I'll bet there is one more day off you get between MLK in January, and May. Good Friday in April? :)

About 99% of my social media posts are from my laptop, I rarely use my phone unless I'm out somewhere and share something I'm doing or seeing with a photo.

Have a good weekend!

Jeremy Ryan said...

Nope no Good Friday holiday for us. Most US Employers don't give that day off. However, most will give you floating holidays so if you want the day off you can use a floating holiday or your regular PTO/Vacation Time.

Many moons ago I had the pleasure of working for a family owned business. The family was devout Catholic so we got Good Friday off every year. They probably still close for it to this day.

Hope you have a good weekend as well!