12 January 2017

Ice, Ice Baby

Yes it’s once again time to gear up for a major winter storm.  Nothing has happened yet but the forecast was updated yesterday and the warnings went out.  People are being asked to not travel for any reason starting later tonight thru Sunday.  Unless you absolutely have to be out stay home.  Well my employer only earns money if the office is open, so they are up in the air about what will happen here.  I have pretty well resolved myself that I am staying home.  I will look and assess the situation in the morning.  Initially they said that morning rush would be impacted, now they are waffling and saying that it will be fine but the afternoon is when all of the crap is coming.  I don’t want to get stuck at work and then have to fight my way home on ice.  Did that a few weeks ago and don’t want to repeat it.  So it’s very likely that even if the office is open, this white boy will be at home … safe not so sure about the sound part. 

How about a chuckle?  Last night I am watching porn, Ruth loves to watch TV really doesn’t matter what is on.  She jumped up on my bed, just us two in my room (that doesn’t happen often) and her eyes opened up, then her head started moving I said Ruth stop watching that your going to get daddy arrested for kitty porn.  It was like a couple minutes, she lost interest quickly.  When she was younger she used to love home improvement and decorating shows.  Her sister Gator would love the cooking shows.  They both would watch intently with my late partner and I got to hear all of the details. 

Ah some good news.  A secured credit card that I have is now a normal card.  I didn’t need it but opted to get it.  I asked about making it a regular card and the bank was like sure no problem.  I applied for an Amazon card, got turned down.  Appealed the decision, got turned down and then asked why they put me through the ringer if they were just going to deny me.  Today they called and I was approved.  There is $70 worth of free Amazon stuff in my future, yes!

That is about it for news.  It’s been busy here at the office and time over the last couple days has gotten away from me.  No word or update on my friend.  I am thinking she is going to be surprised and it’s just not her time but unless there is a miracle that happens, I don’t know of anyone who can survive without water and/or food.  I expect the call any day but each day passes and no call.  I’d like to call but at the same time I don’t want to be a pest.  You get tired eventually of having to provide a progress report to everyone.  The part that is even worse after they pass everyone keeps asking you how are you doing?  That gets old really fast. 

So just about time to gather things up go out in the cold and meander my way home.  I stopped for gas this morning.  Have to grab the mail, then home to gather and put out the trash.  Feed the monsters, feed myself and then put my feet up and relax for a bit before turning in for the night.  Even though I will probably stay home tomorrow, I am going through the normal motions just in case some how this whole mess passes us by and I have to come in.  It would really suck but if I stay up all night that is bound to happen and I don’t function so well with no sleep. 

Speaking of sleep, my buddy Marvin hasn’t been with me for a while now when it comes to bed time.  Last night he joined me but it was short lived.  He got me to relax and doze off then he wanted out which woke me up.  I am really worried about him but otherwise he is normal.  We have even played soccer.  I bat a ball to him and he bats it back.  Occasionally I will manage to make it go past his paws and I scream goal.  He rebounds quickly and bats the damn thing so I have to chase it in order to get it back to him.  Kind of fun but it gets my blood pressure up from the activity and that makes me hot then I have to quit.  I think he could easily go for a couple hours. 

So that is the way it is on this Thursday.  Stay warm and be well.  Talk again soon. 

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