02 January 2017

Bleeding Ruth

Well this year is off to a hell of a start.  I got up early, much earlier than I wanted to.  Took care of the kids and then headed out.  Ate my breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  No CB boy to be found, which is fine by me.  On to the Grocery Store.  Home to put everything away and I said I was done with going out for the day.  Just relaxing and taking it easy.  Boy was I wrong. 

I decided to knock the chore of trimming Ruth’s claws out of the way.  She was resting on the couch.  I snuck up on her and she really didn’t like that, I think that is what set her off.  She was mad and yelling, growling, biting, scratching and doing her very best protest.  I was able to trim 4 claws and then she got away from me.  She retreated to the basement.  I got her and told her we needed to finish trimming her claws.  All hell broke loose and she protested again.  She bit the trimmers and I think she bit her tongue in the process, that is the only thing I could think of, other than she got cut by the trimmers.  I saw blood and backed off quickly.  I had to figure out if it was her or me.  Once I saw it was her, I told her that were going to the vet.  I didn’t blink an eye and got her in a crate and off we went.  $230 later were home.  The bleeding stopped, it looked to be a slight puncture wound to her tongue.  They wanted to send me home with pills, I said I have to put welding gloves on to trim her claws every 6 to 7 weeks, how the fuck do you think me trying to give her a pill will go over?  I think I will wind up in the emergency room and she will be pissed at me.  So no to the pills, put it in a needle and give it to her that way.  So she got a shot of antibiotic that is long acting.  Then they talked me into vaccinating her for Rabies.  They said if she bites you and you go for treatment her life would likely be over.   I protested about the Rabies, I mean we have gotten by for so long.  I said what is the risk, they said it’s low.  But if a bat gets into your house and bites her, then she will get it for sure.  They said that it has happened before.  Yeah, but a bat in my house, what are the odds.  I think they would be greater for me to get in a car wreck than for a bat to come in my house.  So if that happens, I’ll have Ruth and everyone else will die.  I am not taking the rest of them over for shots.  They were so kind as to help me finish the nail trim.  I was pleased as punch until I saw they charged me $17 for it.  Fuck I pour nothing but money into their practice and this is how they reward me.  The most expensive thing was the exam, because they had to tack on an emergency fee.  I fucking hate them.  She’s not been seen in 7 years, which is pretty good.  I haven’t sunk a lot of money in her like Bear but still you’d think they would give me a break, but no why not fuck me out of as much money as they can.  Yes I am angry but then again wouldn’t you be?  The only way I get to get away from them is when all of the kids die.  Then I’ll never, ever go back.  I may get a cat or two but they will see a different vet for sure.  Blood sucking bastards!  I wanted to write a letter to express my displeasure but after talking with a friend it’s probably better to just let it go. 

The county gets a $1.75 fee because I used a credit card to pay the bill.  That is BS.  I don’t pay for the privilege of using my credit card.  They collected the fee but I will file a dispute once the charge actually posts and I know the bank will give me the money back, since were talking about a small amount.  It’s criminal to charge some one extra because they want to use a card be it credit or debit.  I don’t carry cash but oddly enough I just got $5 back at the grocery store.  If I had gotten $20 then I could have paid the fee in cash and avoided the charge. 

I have apologized as much as possible to Ruth.  She is still quite mad at me.  She is eating or should I say she ate lunch.  I think she will eat supper as well but time will tell.  As long as she keeps eating then I think were home free.  I feel really bad because the majority of fault with this is on me.  Sure she shouldn’t have gotten so upset but she is an animal and you can’t reason with her.  I don’t blame her and hope that she forgives me, which I think she will.  I worry about causing damage to our relationship as it has blossomed over the past couple years.  Heck last night she sat far away from me but we were both on the couch and watched TV for a short while until she did finally leave.  That would have never happened in years past.  So she is a little bit more trusting and I don’t want to damage or inhibit that.  I keep telling her that if I was going to hurt her I would have done it years ago and not wait until now.  She is precious to me and I love her.  I don’t want to think about life without her. 

Now for the best part, she bit me.  Through the welding gloves she caused a puncture wound.  It’s happened before.  Nothing to worry about.  Wash it off, put on some antibiotic ointment and presto all is well.  I am not in any danger of getting a hand infection and that is because of the gloves.  Had it not been for the gloves then I would be singing a different song and it would be expensive, painful and I would have lost my girl. 

All things considered, while this is a bump in the road – it doesn’t compare to how last year started off and for that I am thankful.  I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow but I think it’s probably for the best.  Let everyone here rest up and resume their normal routines until the weekend arrives once again in 4 days from now. 

The really sad part is I just made a major dent in paying my credit card down and this just runs it back up again.  Feels like I am so close but will never actually get out of debt.  I know for a fact that isn’t true because of my master plan to use my tax refund to make it happen, but waiting to file and then planning on using the money – who knows how much I will actually owe by that point?  All I can do is put one foot in front of the other and try my very best to be financially responsible. 

In other news, I am officially back in the dating world.  Put profiles on 2 apps today, waiting to see what happens.  Still thinking about going back on Grindr but since it’s not really LTR oriented I have reservations if it’s worth my time. 

The dryer should be going off soon, hopefully.  I need my fresh towel so that I can go shave the bush that I have let grow on my face.  That won’t be a fun task but I think I will feel better once it’s done.  Plus I could use a shower after all of the days activities. 

Here’s to being able to stay far, far away from the vet and not spending much money.  Hope today’s events aren’t an omen of things to come this year.  It’s not the way I wanted to start the year off but in retrospect it could have been much worse. 

Hope your year is going better than mine, that your warm and safe.  Back to ye old grind tomorrow.  Gearing up for BBQ Pork with Mac & Cheese for supper.  Welcome to Delicious!

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