10 January 2017

Powered Sugar not Cocaine

Ugh!  Here we go again Tuesday.  I couldn’t believe it when I woke up this morning, back to work already.  Yeah and the weather took a turn for the better.  There is a bit of a wind storm but it’s 50 degrees outside.  I put on 3 different shirts before I found the one that I would likely be most comfortable in.  Turns out I am not comfortable at all, I am burning up.  I’ll make it though. 

Last night I arrived home and the best package in the whole world was waiting for me.  My Archway Wedding Cookies.  I had Chicken Noodle Soup for supper.  Then tore into the cookies and ate way too many of them.  I felt the sugar getting to me, so I opened a bottle of water to help wash it away.  My kitchen table looked like cocaine from all of the powdered sugar.  Don’t worry I didn’t eat the whole box but I couldn’t just stop at one.  There was a tip on the side of the box to heat up the oven and warm them, it would make the house smell good.  I’ve got a candle for that.  The cookies were cold from being outside and I still didn’t care, they were awesome.  I look forward to enjoying more of them. 

Went downstairs to tend to a couple of quick things and then it was back upstairs to finish litter duty and sit to watch TV.  I found Ruth sitting in an old chair downstairs.  I walked right up to her, she stood up and I started scratching her and she started up her motor.  She was really into it.  I told her she needs to let me brush her, she looked at me like are you crazy this feels so good.  Your doing a wonderful job, keep it up and don’t stop.  Stop I had to because I knew eventually she would sour and turn on me.  I didn’t want to over do it.  I was thankful that she was so trusting of me. 

The next miracle of the night was I saw Bear use the litter box.  He hasn’t done that in months.  When he got out I heard him let out a yelp.  I think he moved too fast, he practically fell out of the box.  I told him if he wanted to go back to the box let me know I’d bring out the larger one and it would be easier for him to get in and out.  Of course the cat had his tongue on that one.  If he uses the litter box then there is no need for daddy to come clean him up.  I did just to keep in the spirit of things and then once he caught his breath he went to his pad and made an even larger mess for me to clean up.  I told him how proud I was of him for using the box.  Poor guy has really been through the mill.  He has gone a while without coughing on a regular basis but I am starting to see that pickup a little bit.  When I am at work I see him lapping up the water and chowing down on his food. 

I woke up this morning to find that someone on one of the apps I am on sent me a message.  His name had baby in the title and I knew it probably wasn’t going to be good.  Turns out I was right.  He was like 70 – sorry not even starting a conversation with him.  I buried one husband and dealt with way too many health problems.  I am not looking for a repeat experience.  I am particular in who I talk with as I have learned from past experience.  I’m sure he was probably a nice enough guy but not what I was looking for.  I suspect people see my picture and then my age and probably have a similar reaction.  It’s all going to come together eventually, hopefully before the end of the year and better if it happens before Spring starts. 

Getting ready to go to a meeting, then another meeting after that.  Then I have the rest of the day free for any chaos that occurs, which is unlikely.  Stopping to get the mail, hopefully nothing bad is waiting for me.  Then on to home to be with the fur balls.  I am having chicken strips and mac & cheese.  TV is starting to come back with the shows I enjoy so I am working to finish the Netflix/CNN series on the 80’s and stay current on TV.  Shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.  I can watch Netflix at lunch, which is quite entertaining. 

Happy Tuesday!

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