17 January 2017

Monday on a Tuesday

It was rough getting up this morning but I managed to go through the motions.  It was bitter sweet.  I had to take a different way in because of an accident, it took what seemed like forever to get to work.  I’ve used up quite a bit of the full tank of gas.  I made it up by giving them a 1/2 gallon of washer fluid.  The damn thing was really low and I figured if I needed it might as well have it.  Small donation because I am not filling the gas tank back up. 

Got a call earlier this afternoon my baby is ready.  Today they got the right part and they have it all programmed up.  The rear defrost issue was also a programming issue and has been fixed.  Fuck everything on this car is controlled by a computer.  I hope the battle is over and these are the only issues that I will experience and that they are truly solved.  I don’t want to have to add this of my list of things to deal with.  I am leaving in a little bit to go pick it up.  I allowed time for traffic and I was going to stop for a bite to eat but decided it’s probably better to just go home and save my money. 

Tomorrow will be the start of a difficult journey in that I will be going to the visitation.  That will be hard and it sounds like her body is in very bad shape with all of the weight she lost.  Not sure how I am going to deal with all of it.  My best guess tells me it will come out in tears.  Not sure if that will happen there or if I will cry alone.  Thursday will be even harder with the funeral.  They always choke me up and have ever since I was a kid.  It’s worse when it’s someone you were close to.  I just hope that I hold up and can be strong for those who need me the most.  I am not one to rush things but will be happy when this is over. 

Stopping for mail tonight, there is some medicine waiting for me.  Not sure what else is lurking but I will find out soon enough.  That is all I know.

Watched a good movie last night with Charlie David.  Called Paternity Leave.  It’s about a gay male couple who get pregnant.  It’s happening to men all over the country (in the movie of course).  They say the baby comes out the rectum.  Yeah if that would happen in real life I think it would kill a man.  Anyway it was a good time and great distraction from present day.  Charlie is hot but also a good actor.  He’s moved more to the directors chair but thankfully he showed off his talent in front of the camera before he decided to move behind it.  Yep, he’s gay. 

That’s all I know.  Time to get ready to power down for the day.  Then off to fight my way in traffic to the car dealer.  The kids will enjoy my early arrival and of course want supper the moment I walk in the door.  That is fine with me.  I am more than happy to feed them.  Marv is eating the new food that I got him, thankful for that.  Hope it helps.

Talk with you all again soon.  Be well.

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