31 January 2017


Yesterday I got a notification that my pen order shipped.  That’s when I realized I made a couple mistakes.  First, the Pilot Vanishing Point has been on my radar for a while but what I really wanted was a Parker 5th Generation Pen.  Then the ink I ordered for the Pilot, well I thought I was getting 5 cartridges.  Nope I got 5 boxes of 12 cartridges.  Guess I will be able to write for a very long time before I need ink.  Not like it’s going to go to waste.  It will be sealed up in my bag o refills.  The good news in all of this is that I found I can get a 5th Generation a little cheaper from Amazon but so far they don’t sell any style that is appealing to me. 

The bills for the most part are paid.  I figured out last night that I have pretty well gone through my refund.  That is if I pay everything off like I want to.  I think I am going to take a more conservative approach so that I can retain some cash.  I have to set aside $500 for the cleanup of the yard/bushes when the spring rolls around.  The house could also use a serious power wash but I don’t know that I will be having that done.  I mean if you don’t like the way my house looks or my yard looks, then don’t look at it.  The HOA (Home Owners Association) probably doesn’t quite see it that way but go ahead complain and I’ll tell you where you can go with your complaint. 

Bleh nothing good on TV last night at all.  Started browsing on demand and found The Boss with Melissa McCarthy on HBO.  Holy shit that is a funny movie.  I only made it part of the way through and have plans to finish it tonight.  The cats don’t like it when I laugh, it disturbs them.  That’s because they aren’t used to me laughing, they are used to hearing me cuss and complain.  I would much rather laugh, it feels so much better.

I’ve got 3 departures today and one person wants me to let them work with the promise that they will leave before midnight.  I could care less when you leave, I just need to know when I can shut your account and card down, that is all that matters to me.  Professionals want to work up until the 11th hour.  Staff they can’t get out the door fast enough.  I am here to tell you that on my last day, presuming my departure is planned because I am retiring or I decided to leave, I will be gone well before noon.  I mean what is the purpose of sticking around and belaboring the inevitable.  Make your rounds, say your good byes listen to the empty promises that people will make you, grab your shit and head for the car.  Call it a day.  Why would you want to actually work on your last day?  Funny thing is last night I had a dream about me leaving this place and my access level was reduced, I was being let go and no one told me.  I just found out when I couldn’t do something and then I got an email about my access being reduced.  I think I was thinking too much of the events of today. 

Stopped for mail last night, my inner voice told me there was something good waiting for me.  Yeah right, it was a bill and a letter from a financial institution telling me that my tax forms would be ready next month so don’t file until we send them to you.  Uh, you don’t owe me any forms and I’ve already filed.  Found out today that W-2’s from work were messed up so it might mean filing an amended return, I am waiting to find out.  It won’t change anything.  They took out city taxes by accident but they paid them back to us.  So it would just be a matter of amending paperwork possibly but I wouldn’t or shouldn’t have to pay and wouldn’t or shouldn’t get any additional monies back.  I really don’t want to amend my taxes it’s such a pain in the ass.

Well my next departure is coming due, this person decided not to come to work today at all.  However, I couldn’t just turn them off because they might work from home.  Yeah right they were done yesterday and if they aren’t coming in today might as well have turned them off this morning but I was told I had to wait.  Okay whatever. 

Keep warm, be well and we will talk again soon.  That’s all I got for now. 

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