01 February 2017

Sick Momma

I finished up The Boss movie and it was really good.  By the time it was done I had time to kill before I had to take care of my last departure at work.  I went to the computer around 8p and Momma followed me as she usually does.  She was fussing at me that it was getting late and time for bed.  I told her that I had to take care of some stuff for work and we would go up in a little bit.  In a little bit are my famous last words, they ring hollow because that could be anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours.  Still it’s become my go to phrase so I say it a lot with the cats. 

Finally the time came I got my work done and told momma lets go to bed.  We made our way upstairs and I went through my routine to prep for the next day.  Everything was normal, she even came in and hung around me in my room clamoring for attention which I gave to her.  Bedtime came and out she went and Marvin came in. 

I woke up this morning to find no momma and bile on the carpet.  Then I looked at the couch a little closer and saw her tail sticking out.  It’s highly unusual for any of the cats to hide when it’s meal time, especially in the morning.  They all have to hear me speak to them and then put down their can of food.  It’s like what they live for outside of belly rubs, playtime and attention in general. 

Momma did come out and got some water, which is better than nothing.  I was worried and felt bad that my momma was sick.  My morning routine was not the same.  She wasn’t waiting for me when I got out of the shower, she had gone back into hiding.  I skipped her pill just because if she isn’t going to eat why aggravate things with  pill.  I left the house very worried about what the future holds for me and momma.

Once I got to work I took a peek with the camera and she had come out to curl up in her favorite spot on a piece of cat furniture.  I looked a couple hours later and she was gone.  Not sure where she is in the house but I can tell you that she is safe.  My plan of attack is to see how things are tonight, if need be I will give her an appetite stimulant and if she isn’t eating tomorrow then it’s time to engage the money sucking vet for help.  You can’t let a cat go for longer than a day or two at most w/o eating.  They develop fatty liver disease, turn jaundice and get gravely ill.  Bear had that happen to him and pulling him back to normal life cost a small fortune.  There is a risk involved that they won’t return to normal but thankfully he did.  She is 13 years old and has started to enter the geriatric stage of life, but I don’t think of her as an old woman.  She is my baby and she is a tough old bird. 

I was eating ice cream last night and she desperately wanted some.  I almost gave in but now I am glad that I didn’t.  Because the last time she had ice cream she stopped eating and had to be taken to the vet.  I would have felt so guilty and now I can spare myself that.  However, I do wonder what is wrong with her.  So long as it passes and we don’t have to engage the vet I am happy.  If I have to engage the vet they could potentially speed up her recovery but it would mean parting with money that I don’t have. 

All of my cat kids are special to me and they all know how much I love and care for them.  However, there is something special about momma and we have bonded to be stronger than glue.  God forbid when I lose her not only will I be a mess but I worry about how Ruth will get along.  The girls are all pretty tight but Ruth is her shadow.  I’ve already alerted my boss that I may need to take time to get momma to the vet.  I really don’t want to unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I’ve got plenty of time but I like to hold on to it as much as possible, you never know when you’ll need it. 

Here is hoping that momma is back to her normal crabby self.  I did trim her claws last night and she bit me, it was a love bite but I still yelled at her.  If I am feeding you then you can’t bite my hand.  Sort of like looking  gift horse in the mouth. 

My Amazon order (most of it) will be delivered today, my pen is waiting for me at the post office but I could care less about all of that, I just want my momma.  I did also get my federal refund, which I am very happy about.  I hope that I make the right financial choices when spending it. 

Got to hit up the pharmacy here at work for my allergy medicine, not looking forward to going outside.  There is a protest under way all because of the fucktard that is running our country.  I should be safe but really don’t want to be anywhere close to the demonstration because it only takes a second for something to go wrong.  I am all about someone expressing their rights and freedom of speech, but I am not the type of person who you will find in a crowd of protester.  There is a right and a wrong way to do everything, that includes protesting.  Violence won’t solve anything but it will get you attention.  See I wonder what is going on in the background.  Everyone is focused on immigration and the ban, but what is the sneaky fuck doing in the background while everyone focuses on immigration?  Yeah there is a curve ball there and I am sure there is something in the works but don’t know what exactly.  That is part of how the political game is played. 

Ah well off to the pharmacy and then back to the salt mine.  Boss man worked from home this morning and is out the rest of the day.  That means no meetings and busy work, so we can all relax and try to catch up on other things.  Wow!  Come back and I’ll be sure to give you a progress report on my momma.  Be well and stay warm.

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