21 January 2016

Yellow what a great color

I picked up Bear’s medicine last night.  $40 for something that he doesn’t need now, but it was 12 pills.  I got the same thing from the vet and they gave me 2 pills but it was $20.  That is some mark up they have. 

I found Bear in the kitchen last night which is very unusual, he was close to the water fountain.  I was happy to see him.  He’s got something going on with his left eye, it’s watering like crazy.  Might be an eye infection not sure.  Anyway he is eating and drinking still.  He showed me some yellow urine but it still has a tinge of red/orange to it.  I think he is well out of the woods and hopefully within a few days things should go back to normal.  The antibiotic is tearing up his system and I am actually thinking of not giving him the last two pills, just because. 

I have cleaned him up last night and again this morning.  He slept with me all night long and was a good boy not making a sound.  Wish I could say the same thing for Marvin.  However, he threw a fit just before I went to bed which I attribute to him telling me that it was time for bed.  He likes darkness and I suppose with his eye issue the TV light was a bother. 

I put some eye drops in his eye this morning, hopefully it will clear up.  So I feel pretty good that we are making positive progress and that all will be okay.  I hope this is the first and only time we have to go through this because it’s rough on everyone – the whole house is disturbed and that is not a good thing.  Plus I’d like to bust out the steam cleaner but if the mess maker isn’t done making messes then there is no point to that. 

Life otherwise is just okay.  I would like more positive news to come my way and that’s what I have been praying for.  It’s a busy day here and I got bothered a few times during lunch.  I am going to post this and then get back to it.  Just wanted you all to know something good happened!

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