16 January 2016

Bear still going

We went to the vet.  Bear has crystals in his bladder.  The goal is to get him drinking to flush them out.  If they all decide to come out at once it will form a block and that is a do or die moment.

Right now we have more pain meds, different antibiotic, some medicine for the bladder that I have to get filled on Monday at the compounding pharmacy.  Thus far it's $125.  He's a large cat and so are his vet bills!!

The vet said that this was worth treating. I really was thinking we were at the end of the road.  Glad that isn't the case.  I hope this works out and never comes back.

I put the day on hold but now that is done... I grabbed a bite to eat.  Sitting waiting to get my haircut.  Then it's home to clean up the place that looks like monkeys live there.  It's a huge mess!

Here is hoping that life gets really better for me soon.  I'm so tired of drama and trouble.  Glad to have Monday off.

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Jude said...

I'm glad it's treatable and hopefully it won't come back. Hang in there!