12 January 2016

Baby it’s cold outside

Yeah really it’s not just a song, it really is cold outside!  Shiver me timbers.  Very thankful for heat, long sleeves and lots of moisturizer.  Hugging a cat helps also because they have built in heaters!

Gave Bear a bath last night.  He tolerated it but wasn’t very happy at all.  Especially since we had just done this a few days earlier.  I only washed 1/2 of the stink off of him, not sure why the other 1/2 stayed behind.  He got all wet and I made sure shampoo got on everything in back, he was rinsed off rather well.  Makes no sense to me.  Anyway, he slept in my room and when I woke up this morning he left me a present, not one that I wanted but it was easy to dispose of.  Glad he is still going to the bathroom but kind of wish he would get back to the pads, that is why I buy them.

Ruth didn’t want to come to treat time, I think she thought I was playing a trick on her to capture her.  Once she realized that she was missing out, about an hour later she came upstairs.  Thankfully her brothers left plenty behind for her to eat.  I should probably stop using the vaccum.  After a day or two you can’t tell that the rug was ever clean.  It’s like why fight the monster.  I will continue but it does seem pointless.

Everyone is talking about Powerball because it’s a record jackpot.  I am having a friend pick up a ticket for me, I gave them the money for it.  They say that you would have a better chance of getting a last minute pardon from the Govenor if you were on death row than you do winning this large jackpot.  All I can say to that is someone is going to win, it might be several someone’s.  I just hope that it’s me or someone I know that would be willing to share with me!  Well I can dream, that doesn’t cost any money. 

Nothing else really new.  Looking forward to a 3 day weekend – extra time for everything and that includes napping which will be good news for Gator because she loves to sleep on me.  The bad news is Tuesday next week will be our Monday.  But it’s a day closer to the weekend and having to work 4 days isn’t terrible.  Going back to 5 days is rather rough. 

Speaking of which before I babble too much I should get back to it.  Lunch time is about overwith.  Talk with you all again soon.  Until next time, stay warm!

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