18 January 2016

Update on da Bears

Bears had an expolsion last night of diahrea.  Thankfully he used the pee pads and he didn’t make too big of a mess on himself.  I got him cleaned up and noticed that he was also wet, which made me think that perhaps he is back to urinating. 

This morning he was wet again, so yep back to going pee.  The flow isn’t what it’s supposed to be and he is still going on himself.  However, at least he is pushing the stuff out.  He acts more normal today.  I think the pain medicine was making him loopy so we stopped that.

I went out today to get his medicine filled.  They have to compound it and it won’t be ready until Tuesday.  Yeah I am not terribly happy about that but that is the way it goes.  Cost should be around $40 or less is what I was told.  I hope that is true.  I also hope that his body hangs on until the medicine arrives.  He is on an antibiotic and has been eating a lot. 

I picked up some special dry food formulated for cats with urinary issues and he loves it, so hopefully it helps.  Him and Marv have been chomping on it all day long.  I got a small bag and it was super expesnive but if it works, I will get a larger bag next time, it costs more but is the better buy.  I didn’t want to invest a bunch of money into a product that I would have to throw in the trash. 

Bear was in my room and laying on the floor, he would go from sleeping to eating and drinking and back to sleeping.  When the time was right I laid down next to him and we had some cuddle time.  He is scared and I understand that.  I did my best to tell him that it will be okay, it was important to keep drinking the water.  That will help him flush all of the junk out and then he should feel better.  I realize that I probably should have called the vet today and made arrangements to hosptialize him to get this fixed but since he is calm and is eating and there is some pee coming out I don’t see the need to make a mountain out of a molehill. 

In other news last night my electric stapler bit the dust.  Today it costs $127 for a new one but I got it for $20, it was on sale at a local office place years ago and I knew the sale price was a fraction of what it was worth.  It’s served me for several years but like everything else in this world it appears to be disposable.  While I don’t need one desperatly it is a nice convenience that i have grown a custom to.  So I got a new one on Amazon for $40 it’s on sale and actually after my gift card and a coupon only cost me $13 which I don’t think is terribly bad.  I have always been a Swingline guy but I switched to Bostich.  It’s got some of the same features that I am used to so I figured why not.

Today I completed watching Making A Murderer.  Wow is about all I can say.  I hate to spoil it but they are both still in jail to this day.  Very sad.  I have my doubts about the uncle (Steven) but the kid (Brendan) he was sold down the river and confessed to a crime he didn’t comit.  He thought that if he told them what they wanted him to say that they would stop bothering him and let him go, so he complied.  Now because of that false confession he sits in jail.  I really think this was a miscarriage of justice and don’t understand how the jury could have possibly convicted him on all charges, one of which includes rape.  This kid was 16 and not to sound bad or disrepectful but he was lucky to be able to tie his shoes.  He wasn’t very smart and I believe at that point he was a virgin.  There is no DNA, Fingerprints or other evidence to suggest that he was involved, they simply used his own words against him.  Which goes back to Anything you say can and wil be used against you.  So not fair. 

I felt compelled to reach out to Brendan and am sending him a letter.  Who knows maybe we will become pen pals or maybe my letter will just brighten his day and that will be the end of it.  I just wanted to let him know that someone believes that he is innocent and that the jury got this wrong.  He is much younger than me, but trust me when I say there is no physical attraction there.  This has nothing to do with my sexuality.  I am being a nice guy, lets hope this doesn’t bite me in the ass. 

Speaking of which I need to check to see what is cookin in the Weather Department.  I got an alert that we have a Winter Storm Warning and I also need to see if trash pickup will occur tomororw.  So with that I bid you adue and will talk with you all again soon.  Take care, stay warm and be well.

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