28 January 2016

So close to the weekend

It’s been a busy couple of days here.  Today was far worse than yesterday.  I didn’t get to take my full lunch hour.  I had to wolf down my lunch and that was at 2p.  I got stuck trying to install Dragon Naturally Speaking.  I’m not sure why they released it but apparently the install is buggy.  What should have taken 15 minutes took an hour and a half.  I had to have someone from our Security Team help me and even they were a bit puzzled.  Turns out you have to kill one of the installers from task manager before the program will install and even then it takes about 45 minutes.  It’s rather odd that a peice of software that is supposed to make you more productive takes away from your productivity when you try to install it.  I have it at home, installed it on my pc 2 years ago and had to rebuild the PC.  It didn’t work as well as it was advertised, but still there are people that swear by it.  I can do things faster with my hands than I can tell a peice of software to do it for me.  Voice control is appealing but so long as I have my hands I am good.  The person that I was instaling this for broke an arm and is still powering through work.  I had to do some rearranging for him and change to an ergo keybaord but he’s all good.  So that is the work update.

The home update is that Bear is still having issues with using his pee pads but he is still eating and drinking.  His eye looks a little better but I am still keeping my eye on it.  He can see so that is a very good thing.  Momma has been following me around the house like a helicopter.  I take it she just wants to tell me that she loves me and she wants to know what I am up to, sort of like any mother would. 

I’ve made 2 connections on Tinder, neither of which has sent me a message.  I am being stubborn and letting them break the ice.  Speaking of breaking, I got in what I believe is the last form so I can file my taxes.  I will probably do that over the weekend.  Hopefully I am smiling when all is said and done. 

Grabbin the mail tonight ont the way home, I know that Bear’s medicine is in.  It’s a supplement called Rutin.  I don’t place a lot of faith in supplements but this and predisone along with God seem to keep him ticking so why change anything.

Right now I am ready to take a nap.  I did get a free 30 minute massage today.  Our massage lady saw me and offered it to me because I hadn’t signed up in a while.  Part of that is because I kind of swore off massages since that was also the time I got food poisioning.  The other part of it is related to money.  I can’t just drop money as freely as I could last year.  Hopefully that will change.  I do want to go see Dirty Grandpa with Zac Effron.  Not only will there be a hottie to look at but the movie is actually funny.  I don’t know if/when I will make it but it’s on my list of things to do.  The most important thing for me to do is rest.  Nothing feels as good as waking up on a Saturday morning and knowing that you have no responsibilities, laying down and strecthing out on the couch, then falling asleep.

Well I need to wrap up and prepare for quitting time that is around the corner.  Thankfully tomororw is Friday.  We are getting cupcakes tomorrow and that is something to look forward to.  Besides the fact that the volume of work should slow down, people tend to relax come Friday.  That said, have a good evening and stay warm.

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