03 January 2016

Explosion & Fire

My mom’s house had a fire on exploded yesterday evening.  I had gone back earlier in the day to obtain the stupid curio cabinet, which I wound up breaking part of the wood trying to load it into my vehicle.  There was an odor in the place on Friday but it was much stronger on Saturday.  It was nothing like I smelled before and it made me want to vomit.  I spent much of my evening giving a statement to the fire marshall and waiting for them to complete their initial investigation.  Finally around 2am on Sunday (today) we were allowed to leave.  The place didn’t have much fire damage but there is however smoke damage throughout the house.  A good majority of the windows were broken.  There is glass in the front yard that was expelled some 40 feet. 

The good news is that my brother has most of the valuables stored away.  I was able to get a few more items in my two days of being there.  No one was hurt, injured or killed.  The gas and electric were supposed to be turned off this past week but the power company never got around to it.  I think this was natural gas but I am far from the expert.

The house was going back to the bank since mom moved into a nursing home.  There is a huge question if there is still insurance on the propery.  That should be determined tomorrow when mom files a claim. 

The most difficult part of this, outside of trying to stay warm while the fire guys took their sweet ass time to milk all of the overtime they could, was me actually breaking the news to my mom this afternoon.  I was hoping that my brother had done it but of course he didn’t.  It was a huge tear fest and of course my mom thinks that the neighbor did it because he wanted her gone.  I told her you were already gone, what incentive would there be for him?  She didn’t have an answer for that.  Then it was the police man pushing a woman in a chair that had sprinkled drugs around the permiter of the house.  In other words her delusions came back to life.  I know this is really tough on her. 

I harbor guilt in that I probably should have called someone about the odor but I wasn’t positive what it was.  I feel really bad that I was the last person there.  Magically none of the neighbors heard an explosion or saw any smoke billowing from the house.  People just don’t want to get involved in this day and age.  What if it was your house?  You’d want someone to speak up.  A neighbor called my brother to tell him the curtains were flapping in the wind and a 1/2 hour later he drives up to see smoke and fire, then he calls for help.  So it sounds and looks suspicious.  We both have to give up our Tuesday in order to be questioned at the police station by the Fire Marshall.  However, if they thought that either one of us did this intentially they would have us in custody, they also would have taped off the house and neither of those things happened.  Still we are both a little nervous as to why we need to give a second statement and answer more questions.  This all should have been covered last night at the scene.

While I am sure that this will take months to fully settle.  I pray that my envolvement ends after Tuesday.  Everytime I try to help either one of them I get sucked into a huge mess.  This time is no different.  I am most thankful that this event didn’t take place while I was in the house, I am convinced someone is watching out for me because my cats need a father.  If it wasn’t for the cats I firmly believe that I woud have been dead a very long time ago.

Well so much for a more upbeat post.  I gave up my day, I am emotionally and physically exhausted.  The house still needs to be cleaned and I still have to capture a little girl who needs her nails trimmed.  I think I will be calling in for a couple days, I would be back on my feet by Tuesday and able to return to work then but I have Mr. Fire Marshall to deal with, which is why it’s 2 days.  Then next week I have the doctor.  Goodbye PTO not the way I wanted to spend my time.  This clearly was not the bang that I was looking to start the new year.  Here is hoping it gets better and fast!

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Jude said...

Wow I'm sure glad nothing happened while you were in there!