11 January 2016

Another Day Another $

With all of the extra stress I have been under, I find myself doing silly things like today I drove to work and forgot my glasses.  I don’t need them for driving and they are not required according to my drivers license.  They are more for the computer than anything but my eye doctor strongly encourages me to wear them as much as possible.  It’s awkward being at work with no glasses but I will survive.  Driving home in the dark may prove to be a little bit of a challenge because my glasses have a glare coating, outside of that all should be okay.  No plans on stopping anywhere for anything, it’s straight home tonight.  Tomorow will be the pharmacy and the post office.  Tonight is all about getting the trash out and trying to relax a little bit before I have to go to bed.

I was able to call A&T back and found out that they figured in HD Service already so I am all set, the price I was given is solid.  That is a bit of good news.  The new receiver should arrive on Wednesday and I am not sure if I will try to hook it up Wednesday night or if I will push it out until the weekend.  Kind of depends upon how the week goes and what my mood is like.  It’s supposed to be an easy thing but sometimes those easy things turn out to be horribly complicated and aren’t so easy after all. 

I did some looking last night and found that a resturant has brought back a favorite dish of mine that I never thought I would see again.  Looking forward to going back there and eating.  It will be delicous and bring back a flood of memories. 

It’s been a crazy day here at work but things are settling down a little bit.  Bear has a new problem.  He pees whereever he wants to but you can’t find a wet spot on the carpet.  Very strange I just look down at him and notice he is all wet, so I clean him up.  Poor guy I feel sorry for him but he is still eating and drinking.  He still loves to hide under the couch, I had to pull him out last night to feed him supper. 

Lord knows I don’t need any other issues, my plate is more than full at this point.  I hope that Momma feels better soon and Bear goes back to using the pads.  I hope that life in general gets better sooner rather than later. 

Now back to work for this guy.  Talk with you all again soon.

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