07 January 2016

One more day until Friday

Wow, I can’t believe we are about to stare another Friday in the face.  They do say that time flies when your having fun.  My life has been anything but fun this week but it’s nice to know that I will soon be looking at a break and maybe I will finally be able to launder my bed clothes.

I know that at least one of you are concerned about my post from yesterday and want to be kept in the know.  At the advise of legal counsel I am not able to talk any further about the matter I posted about yesterday.  If there comes a point where I can fill in the blanks I will certainly try.  I hope that you understand.

I still request your thoughts and prayers.  I am at work and going to try to go back to daily life as best as I can.  I can’t say that it will be easy but at this point it is what is best for me.  I am also a little freaked out about my finances having this issue come in and essentially rob me of money that I don’t have isn’t fun.  I pray that this event is not only over soon but that it doesn’t rob me of any additional funds.  I am not a Rockafeller, I am an average working class guy who lives paycheck to paycheck trying to stay afloat and survive. 

Sleepy and worn out are two accurate words that describe how I feel.  I was able to sleep in this morning but still at some point I had to get up.  Speaking of which I became super horny and wouldn’t you know it, not one but both of the streaming porn sites I subscribe to were both down and unable to play any video.  Just as well as it probably would have made me run late.  As it was I arrived early, which is typical and being in that position always makes me happy.  I hope those sites are back up tonight because I have a huge urge to fulfill, it has literally been days.  I am sure it will also help comfort me. 

The weather here has finally turned into Winter.  No snow yet, but we have a high chance for flurries and I will take that.  It would be awesome to have a snow day but we might be a ways off from that.  Speaking of which I moved my doctors appointment to next month, with all of the time off I have taken I figure it’s probably a wise move on my part.  I will have to let a quick lube place change the oil in my car and I am not happy about that but so long as it’s changed is the important part.  I won’t be rotating the tires but skipping one time probably won’t hurt anything or so I hope. 

I have been robbed of more than money, I have also lost a lot of time that I would spend on myself and with my children.  They know something is awry but there isn’t a way that I can explain it to them.  I just want to listen to peace and quiet, as I nap with my gator laying on me.  That sounds super awesome to me. 

Well back to it.  Take care and I will talk with you all again. 

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