25 January 2016

Go on the pad!

I broke my back cleaning the house and Bear is still going pee on the rug.  I have to double layer pee pads, so that he has one to play with and wad up and the other one to do his business on.  It isn’t working very well and the even sadder part is he is in my bedroom.  I hope he is a good boy while I am slaving away to buy him more food, pee pads and treats.  His eye is still watering and no response from the vet.  If I run out of drops from #1 son or there isn’t progress by mid week then I will be calling.  He will need something different.  Problem is that will cost money, which I am short on right now.  The end of the month is the worst time because most of my bills hit then, not that there is a better time for spending money but I would rather pay cash than have to finance it. 

Average day so far.  Some traffic to deal with on the commute in.  I even saw someone getting their car washed.  It’s supposed to rain tomororw so why bother, at least that is my approach.

I got a note in the mail that they are going to start automating our trash collection.  So we have to have a special bin that the carrier will supply, if you need an extra one you can rent them for $5 per month.  The only thing they will pick up when this starts later this year is the bin.  I am not happy about it.  I use large gallon size trash bags and fill them up.  That way there is no bin/barrel to worry about.  If the wind blows with this new system it will be fun tracking down my bin.  Yeah I will write my address on it but still if you lose it then you have to rent one – I just think companys are looking for ways to make additional revenue by seeing what they can rent to you.  I would rather buy something outright than rent it, with a couple eceptions.  Trash barrel/bin is not one of those items.  There is no point in protesting, the decision has already been made and you can’t fight city hall, well I mean you can but it will be pointless and a waste of time. 

Meanwhile my day is half over and I hope the 2nd half goes as fast as the first half did but without any problems.  For a Monday it was pretty brutal and busy.  Were out a couple people as well.  One of which is in DC and who knows when that office will reopen.  Strange enough some people actually made it in to the office there but it’s only like 1 or 2 people.  If we had that much snow I would be at home with my children. 

Last night Ruth came and jumped up on the couch.  I was sitting on the Love Seat which is next to it.  She was no where within my grasp, which was by design on her part.  She looked so cute.  I broke out my phone and took a picture of her and sure enough she started talking to me.  She is a ham for the camera but she has to be in the mood.  It wasn’t much chatter but there was some. By the time I switched to video she was all quiet like the cat had her tounge.  Figures.  She still looked cute.  She waited for me to leave and then she walked to where I normally sit on the couch.  She is pistol and I love her.

My body feels a little bit better today but my back still is reminding me of my activity from the weekend.  Hopefully Bear gets his together so I don’t have to repeat the activity of cleaning the carpet this weekend.  That’s all from here for a Monday.  Back to work for this guy.  Hope all is going well for you today.  Talk with you again soon.

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