19 January 2016

The Vet Called

It took more than 2 hours but I did get a call back.  The sight of pure blood coming out of a cat caused me some concern.  Turns out it’s pretty common with Bears condition and it will be hanging around for 5 to 7 days.  I can understand some blood but pure blood, yeah that just didn’t seem right to me. 

Bear is acting normal, like everything is fine.  He does his nervous purr thinking that he is going to throw me off.  However, I know him pretty well and can usually tell how he is.  He is eating and drinking normally.  He made a mess last night shortly after I decided to go to bed.  I had to get up and clean him up to keep the smell out of my room.  Turns out he wanted out anyway.  I was up for a little bit and then called it a night around 10:30.  Marv joined me in bed. 

My fear is that this little episode of crystals will be the end of Bear.  He is such a trooper and has fought through a lot.  I am very proud of him and the fact that he has made it despite the fact tht the odds were against him and everyone ws saying it couldn’t be done or he wouldn’t live very long.  He proved them all wrong.

The plan now is to have me monitor him, give him his medicine and see how things go.  The vet wants to know when he is out of Antibiotics and then we can make a decision if a second course is needed.  If he is still bleeding after 7 days then it will be time to take him back to see what is going on. 

This morning like every morning he meowed at me when I talked to him.  He got excited when he saw me coming with food in my hand.  He went to gobbling and I made sure he had water.  He ate and drank.  I had to do a couple plate rotates for him but he managed pretty well.  I purposly kept the dry food away from him.  It’ out and if he gets it that is okay.  The vet said that he can eat whatever he wants so long as he is drinking.  When cats eat dry food they tend not to have much water in take and that causes problems.  I kind of think that is how we got to this point because I would put out a cereal bowl of fresh dry food so he would have something to munch on all day.  There also was water but my guess is he ate the dry food and just didn’t drink the water. 

I know this will sound like a broken record but I know that we are going to part ways eventually.  I am just not ready for that now.  I don’t have unlimited funds to pour into him but I will do everything within my power to keep him going for as long as I can.  So long as he is eating, drinking, going to the bathroom and not in any pain I am happy to keep him around.  He’s a big boy and I need him as much if not more than he needs me. 

Tonight is not going to be any fun.  I have to drive home in Winter Weather so the commute will be slow.  I need to make it to the pharmacy to get Bear’s medicine and then hit up the post office.  Then home to feed the children.  I have to clean my coat I got something on it.  I need to eat supper and take care of my usual evening activites and then finally get ready for bed.  I think by the time I get home and start to feed the children it will probably be time to go to bed.  I hope that it doesn’t play out like that but that is what I am preparing for which kind of puts me in overdrive.  There is no winter weather out there yet but it’s on the way.  I am hoping that management will let us go early to ensure a safe commute home but I honestly don’t expect it to happen unless it gets really, really bad fast.  Even then it’s still questionable. 

The best 3 hours sleep I got last night was at 3am when I became cat free.  It was awesome and I wish I could go back to it.  I love all of them but sleeping with them is more than difficult, especially when it’s a twin bed and they all have their spot that they don’t want you in.  Nevermind that it’s my bed. 

Here’s hoping that by Friday I can tell you that all and I do mean all of my troubles are behind me.  That is something I am hoping for but of course all of my troubles are well outside my control.  I mena I can give Bear the medicine and clean up after him but it’s up to his body to make him better.  Kind of scary when you start to think of all of the things in your life that you aren’t in control of. 

On that happy note I need to wrap up my lunch time and get back to work.  Today is a busy day here.  Feels like today is actually the start of the new year.  Lots of calls and emails.  There are a few people off but the majority of people are in the office today.  Stay warm, I will try to do the same.  Talk with you all again soon.

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