20 January 2016

What a night

The weather made the commute home really rough. Accidents were everywhere and people were afraid to move and no one wanted to let anyone in. It took me 1 ½ hour to get home. Needless to say I didn’t make it to the Pharmacy. I will be trying that again tonight, hopefully I will actually make it.

While the commute was bad enough things were worse when I got home. I took an unexpected trip to Diahreaville. It’s a place that no one should ever go to. Bear had gone all over the house and it needed to be cleaned up. So I elected to get out of my clothes, which is normal. Then I fed them like normal and instead of fixing my supper I went on a cleaning mission. It was successful but there are stains left behind that hopefully will come out later with the steam cleaner. Then I checked out Mr. Bear and he was indeed in need of another bath. So to the sink we went and he wasn’t happy about it, but at least he had eaten. I got him 90% clean he was thrashing all around and moving it was really difficult to get anything clean. I did my best to dry him off and let him be.

Finally, time to sit down to eat. It was 8p. So I had a TV Dinner and then some cake. Now it’s time to prep for Wednesday. Did that and passed out treats. Bear turned his nose up at them, which is odd. So I gave him a can of food in their place he was happy as he could be.

Now we move further into the ending of the day. I brushed my teeth, took my medicine and then passed out cat medicine. My back by this point was killing me. I wound up passing out in front of the TV and was done by 9:30p. I kicked out the girls from my room and off to bed I went. I woke up in the middle of the night a couple times but I really just needed sleep. I didn’t get the good sleep I was talking about yesterday but what I did get apparently did the trick because here I am and it’s Wednesday at lunch time.

The commute in this morning was bad but nothing like the traffic I encountered last night. I hope that tonight things are back to normal or very close to normal. I need to get home at my normal time in order to be able to make it to the pharmacy and shell out even more money that I don’t have.

I purposefully left Bear with only wet food today. There is some dry in my room but I don’t think he will go for it or so I hope. I’d love to see him pee normally again. There is still some blood in his urine but at least he is not peeing all blood. He is still acting like his normal self and doesn’t appear to be in pain, which helps to put me at ease. I may have lulled myself into a false sense of security but I can tell you that it feels really good. I think we are in a good place and he will make it past this, I just hope that I am right.

Now I need the other major matter in my life to have some positive news so that I can put that behind me and move forward worry free. I am ready to get to whatever the good part of the year is. Good news, positive thoughts and good luck – sign me up for that I need a double dose. Well that and some heat because it’s really cold outside. I hope all is well and warm in your world. Talk with you all again soon!

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