17 January 2016

Big Cat Update

Bear is still going, but he is driving me nuts.  I had to stay up with him last night, he wanted attention.  He was actually fine until I decided to go to bed and then he just threw a fit.  I had to get up and pet him and try to get him to calm down.  I think I got a couple hours sleep.  He is trying to go to the bathroom but nothing happens, he thinks he has gone but I touch him and he is bone dry.  It’s like they put a plug in him.

I started wondering why we didn’t just put in a cathether and drain his bladder.  Turns out I called the vet to find out and they said that was the typical treatment but it required hosptialization.  I guess my telling them I don’t have money, they thought I wouldn’t go for it.  Cost is around $650 and that requires hospitalization for 1 to 2 days.  It would have been convenient if they mentioned that yesterday and then we could be done with this. 

He threw another fit after I got home from the grocery store.  I did wind up taking him back this afternoon, they did a lazer treatment on him to break up the crystals, in the hopes they would pass.  They asked me to wait 24 hours before I consider doing anything else.  I gave Bear an appetite stimulant to help and ensure that he didn’t give up eating.  He had a decent amount of wet food for supper.  Very happy about that now if he would just pee.  The vet said that his bladder had very little in it.  I think that is rather odd because nothing has come out of it and I have been watching him extra close. 

While he is not out of the woods he is still a big baby and wants attention.  A lady that I saw at the vets office told me not to put him down, she said if anything get a second opinion.  I may do that. 

Tonight I can deal with him throwing another fit but after that Monday night it will be back to work on Tuesday.  He will have to chill out.  I just hope this all has a happy ending!  I really don’t need this right now.  It’s also affecting everyone else because they know Bear is ill and that I am off my game. 

I have spent the bulk of the day upstairs with the children.  Watching Making A Murderer on Netflix.  Holy Shit I got so mad at one point where the detectives were feeding the kid the words to say in his confession.  This whole thing is messed up.  If your watching it, then you understand where I am coming from.  If your not watching it, give it a look.  Starts out boring at least to me but it picks up from there.  I hope the whole thing has a happy ending but from the way things are going I don’t think so.  This just re-enforces what I now know if your ever questioned, it’s just best to have counsel present. 

Chatted with my friend that had a cat with a similiar issue as Bear.  They wound up putting him down.  They said that they were told once this starts it will come back again and you will be going through the motions over and over.  It’s just best to part ways.  Well I simply can’t do that with my Bear.  I don’t have the money but I do have a nice line of credit that will afford me the luxury of not giving up but at some point you have to pay it all back.  So I think very hard before I make a major move.  Right now I’ve got around $250 tied up in this little issue.  If I have to spend $650 more to get a positive outcome well then I am all for it.  Problem is no one can say for certain what will be, medicine is a science.  Science involves a lot of speculation, which doesn’t play well for me or for my boy.  Should he go I think his brother will take it the hardest, the girls won’t really notice but then again I could be wrong.  I just don’t want to be in that position or in the similiar position I was with Blu having shelled out a ton of money and still going home with a dead cat. 

Here’s hoping that the week ahead is much better for me and that all of my problems can be wrapped up and solved this week.  Kind of hard to keep ones chin up and live life when your worried 24/7 about this or that.  Looking forward to much betters days ahead!

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