09 January 2016

Semi Productive Day

I woke up to see snow but it was melting as fast as it was falling.  We had a Winter Storm Warning but it has since been cancelled.  I was really hoping for accumulating snow, it’s kind of a sign of comfort for me.  The children had me up at 6:30a and Momma crapped in my room again.  Wow what a morning. 

I fed the little beggars and decided to watch TV and eventually after some self pleasuring I was able to return to sleep.  I went to the couch and Gator followed me.  I rolled over, she jumped on top of me and got comfy.  I told her what time I needed to be up by and I’ll be damned if she didn’t wake me up with 30 minutes to spare.  Doesn’t always work like that but I think that all animals are smarter than what they get credit for. 

I ate some stale left over scones that I had purchased shortly after Christmas.  It wasn’t healthy but it was something to eat.  Took my medicine and got dressed.  I was out the door and went to get my oil changed in my car.  I have NEVER let a quick lube place touch my car.  Given the circumstances and how I want to save my time off from work, this was the only option I had available to me.  Now I had a coupon that said conventional oil change $19.99 my bill was $50 – I added an air filter and some junk they poured in my gas tank but just looking at the basic price of the oil change it’s no where near $19.99.  I of course didn’t make a copy of the coupon before using it, so I kind of think the point is moot.  However, I did take an online survey and told the company about this.  I just don’t think it’s right to advertise one thing but have it priced differently when someone shows up to make a purchase.  Under normal circumstances I would have already started a letter writing campaign but I am clearly not operating under normal circumstances.  The only good thing was one of the guys who was working on my car was really cute but he has no idea that I was into him.  He kind of reminded me of my first guy, he had a bad boy look to him.  Not that I want a bad boy but his look was very enticiing and he had a nice body from what I could tell.

Moving on to getting cat food.  No cute guys and I was stuck in what appeared to be an endless line but eventually it moved faster.  I had left my $5 coupon at home and this was because of issues from last week.  I wasn’t happy but it’s not the first time that has happened to me.  The good news is that it’s still valid and doesn’t expire until the end of the month.  I am putting it in my wallet tonight so it will be there when I need it. 

Finally home sweet home.  Got the cat food put away.  Then it was time to deal with AT&T.  OMG this was a disaster.  I was told to call back in a few more days, I lost it with the lady.  She barley spoke english.  She told me she could add Spanish channels and get my bill down by $24 for 3 months.  I hung up on her.  I called the cable company and they made me a very sweet deal.  I was pressured into signing up now but I declined.  I used that price and was able to negotiate a much better deal with AT&T when I called back and finally got transferred to their Retention Department.  Tip of the day, if you want a good deal with U-verse just tell the automated recording that you want to cancel your service, you will be transferred straight to retention.  Now I had to make changes to both my TV and Home Phone but I was able to add a 3rd TV in.  I am not in a contract and the price is good for 1 full year at which time I will do this little dance all over again.  Oh brother!  Cable was giving me a 2 year price commitment but their DVR sucks compared to AT&T.  Sad thing is I have to call AT&T back to see if I will still be getting HD service, if not then there is $10 more per month they will charge me.  HD is super awesome and very addictive, it’s very much common place and normal to expect.  It’s like a buger and fries.  You wouldn’t just order a burger, but I do sometimes!

I heard back from the vet about Momma and they want to have me pick up more medicine from them for her that will help with her stomach/diahrea issues.  I was told not to stop her thyroid medicine and they have no remedy available to cure her facial itching.  I will drop by tomororw morning to see how much they want and then make the appropriate decision from there.  I am looking more closley at every penny I spend.

I broke out the steam cleaner after cleaning up momma’s messes in my room.  I cleaned the carpet in my room and in the hallway, then I was done.  Decided to get something to eat and had Creamed Chipped Beef.  It was very good and hit the spot.  Nevermind the fact I am hungry again.  I’ve lost a small amount of weight due to the events of last week and my nerves being on edge.  Not the way I want to lose weight!

I’ve been working on ye old laundry and I broke out the vaccuum cleaner for the basement.  I also finally trimmed Ruth’s claws.  She hated it and hated me, she lost her bladder, screamed and I got to smell dragon breath again.  It’s never pleasant for either of us but if she would just cooperate and not kick up a fuss I would be done.  When I let her go she swiped at me.  Thankfully I was wearing the gloves so I was able to swipe back at her and I raised my voice.  Little bitch!  She of course loved me when it was time for treats.  So our relationship/rapport is still intact and I suspect it will be that way forever since I am her only source for food. 

It doesn’t take much to wear me down and well it’s late evening now, about the time I would normally be going to bed.  I want to keep on going but I am going to back away from the old PC and call it a night.  Hopefully find something entertaining on NetFlix.  All of my shows recorded fine this past week and I was able to watch them without any problems.  I started on a new show that is on ABC.  It’s called American Crime and it’s about a boy who was drugged and raped by other guys – they are in high school.  It’s kind of interesting and the actor who plays the rape victim is kind of hot to me.  I know I turn everything into sex but when you haven’t had sex in as many years as I have gone without it’s no wonder that the wind blows the wrong way and I am thinking about sex.  A friend of mine told me earlier this week that I need someone to bend me over and give me a good fucking.  I would forget all about my troubles.  I said yeah because my ass would be so sore.  I don’t consider myself a bottom.

Tomorrows jobs will be to ensure that the laundry, dishes and house are taken care of.  Grocerys are purchased and I have my usual Sunday breakfast.  Trying to going back to living my life but I can easily say it’s not easy with what I am going through.  I know this too shall pass.  Easy to say.

Here’s hoping for a better week ahead.  Thanks as always for stopping by.  I shall talk with you peeps again soon.  Be well and take care.

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