13 January 2016

Cat Problems

Last night I went to the pharmacy to pick up Momma’s medicine.  As I suspected they gave me a very small amount but I was charged full price $42.73 … Momma hates the medicine.  The visit to the pharmacy was entertaining.  A guy ahead of me paid for a ladys prescrption while he was waiting for his own.  He then disclosed to the entire pharmacy very loudly that he had hemmeroids.  When they gave him his prescrption I told him if they gave him supositories not to eat them.  Of course I was joking.  He asked me if I had hemmeroids before.  I told him yes but not that I needed help from a doctor, OTC stuff did it.  He wasn’t happy about trying to shove something up his rear because apparently he has a very bad case.  He wanted a pill.  I told him that they will help shrink the swelling and things will feel alot better.  The people behind the counter were rolling but also kind of surprised that I was armed with knowledge.  Yeah I wouldn’t want to trade places with that guy.  We did such a good job of entertaining them they asked us to come back again tonight.  Of course I won’t but if it would pay the bills I would gladly stop by.

Now on to the problem.  Bear I believe has a UTI or some form of infection that is interfering with his ability to pee.  He has to strain and he does it all the time, which explains why he walk around wet and there are no puddles to clean up.  I’d love to get him back to pee pads.  I cleaned him up again last night.  I started up Google and decided to see what I could find.  It sounds like a UTI.  I rummaged through the medicine that I have and found Amoxicillin, it was prescribed for him back when he was really sick in 2009.  I started him on that because I figure that something is better than nothing.  He is hiding but outside of that slight change everything else is normal thus far.  I know that if this is left untreated eventually it would take it’s tole on him and he would stop eating which would probably lead to his demise.  I reach out to the vet last night by email.  I hope for a response today, I asked for an antibiotic for him and said that if he didn’t show improvement in a few days that I would bring him in.  I really am not crazy about that not only because of his weight but because the fact that I might not be taking him home.  In my research I learned the vet would want a urine sample and they get that either by catheter or if that won’t work they puncture the bladder.  That’s all well and good but if you put a hole in his bladder will it seal it’s self up?  I don’t want to set him up for failure or death.  I’ve done a good job in taking care of him and nursing him back to health.  I will never be ready to let go but know that at some point I will have to. 

So it seems that I keep accumulating problems instead of solving them and getting new ones.  I’d personally like to fix all of my problems and not get any new ones for a long time.  Too bad that isn’t the way life works.  I want the cat problems as well as my own issue to be resolved then I think I will be ready to tackle new issues that come my way. 

Were only 13 days into the New Year and I already have the opinion that this year sucks and is going to continue to suck.  I’d love to get out of all of the debt that I have accumulated, meet a guy that I will be dating and serious about, go on an actual vacation away from the area for at least 3 days, and win the lottery.  Doesn’t have to be the top prize just enough to make me comfortable for the forseeable future.  I can pretty well say that if I had money I wouldn’t have man trouble because they would be flocking to me thinking that daddy was going to load them up with cash.  I don’t want that kind of relationship it’s superficial and I want something that is real.  Starting to doubt if that will happen.

The good thing about today is I got to work early to be able to post this, traffic was lighter.  I am also getting lunch catered in thanks to my boss but I have to sit through an hour long meeting.  That won’t be any fun but I will try to focus more on the food than the meeting.  Here is hoping for a great day ahead for me and for you.  Talk with you all again soon!

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