26 January 2016

Average Tuesday

Today has had it’s busy and slow times.  Right now I am at a lull and thankful that the day looks like it will end with this lull.  Tomorrow will be a busy day, meetings, equipment to setup and my normal day on top of all of that.  Some people like and some people hate the unknown.  In my job I never know what I am walking into and what is going to break today.  That can be both good and bad at times.  I don’t like it when there is a major issue that goes company wide because the phones and email get super busy.  I would rather deal with one off problems. 

Big Boy is trying to pee on the pads but he isn’t making a whole lot of progress.  He slept in my room last night which is fine but wow I had to light a candle he didn’t smell good at all.  I had already cleaned him up and he got mad at me so I had to stop.  His eye looks cloudy and blood shot, still excessive tears so my money and research points to an eye infection.  For now I am keeping a close watch on it.  I didn’t do drops this morning, wanted to see what happens.  Outside of the eye and the pee issue he is back to his normal purring, eating, drinking, soaking up attention self.

Still no news with my other problem.  Lots of people say no news is good news, but I like to be kept in the loop and know up to the minute what is going on. 

Feeling lonley last night so I reached out to a friend.  I thought maybe we could grab a bite to eat on the weekend.  That failed they have other plans.  We normally chat for an hour or so but it was like 30 minutes tops and we were done.  Not a lot of news to talk about. 

In the dating realm I made another match yesteday on Tinder.  No contact from the match and I haven’t sent anything.  I really have my doubts that an app will help me find a guy.  I am not exactly certain about a gay bar either but I guess if its meant to be it will happen eventually. 

Next stop will be the post office to see what 2 days of mail is waiting for me.  Then home to figure out what to eat for supper and to see what messes I have to clean up.  It would be a nice surprise if there were no messes.  Big Boy tries to wait until I am around to use the bathroom but I have told him go when you have to, no need to wait for me.  I don’t want him to hurt himself.  He just likes the quick clean up that he gets when I am around.  Baby wipes to the rescue.  I can see where that would feel good. 

Well off I go.  Stay warm, safe and we will talk again soon. 

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