24 January 2016

Weekend Recap–Muscle Relaxer Sunday

Friday night – didn’t do much, laid around and watched TV.  I honestly don’t remember what I had for supper but I am sure I didn’t go hungry.

Saturday – Woke up, had breakfast and fed the children.  Watched TV and eventually went back to bed.  Rolled out of bed around 1p and decided to make something of the day.  I went out for a bite to eat at a Mexican restaurant that I haven’t been to in a long time.  It was really good; shame I didn’t have company to share the experience with.  Back home, did some cleanup work and relaxed for a bit.  Then out in the cold to the pet food store, no cute guys working (boo hiss).  Then on to Target for cat litter.  I saved $10 because it was on sale.  Nice!  Then back to home to stay for the night.  I came to the computer, had some issues with the system freezing up and took that as a sign to clean the house.  I first carried Bear to the basement.  Then I ran the vacuum and then broke out the steam cleaner.  Man alive the odor in this place.  Hot water is what your told to use but if you’re dealing with urine stains cold water is much better.  Why?  It doesn’t reactivate the urine smell.  The carpet is getting worse but I am trying to salvage it for as long as possible.  It took me a few hours to cover the upstairs, it’s a small area but I had to go over some places a couple times and that caused delays.  I also got underneath the couch that Bear was laying after he peed.  I took a muscle relaxer, medicated the children and called it a night.  It was around 1a when the pill kicked in and I was sleepy.  Woke up around 3a changed beds and Gator seriated me, for about an hour.  She came back a couple hours later and tried it again, she woke me up.  Not happy.  I went back to sleep. 

Sunday – Rolled out of bed at 9a.  Fed the children.  Got dressed and headed out to breakfast.  Hit up two grocery stores and came home.  I have been inside ever since and there is no desire to leave the house.  In fact, right now I wish I were in bed.  I am so sore from cleaning the carpet.  Earlier today it was my neck, resolved that by taking a nap and things popped back into place.  Now it’s my lower back – which is where I have an issue.  I really over did things.  I shaved and got a hot shower, which felt really good.  Put on some Ben Gay and I hope that I feel much better tomorrow.  At least I will have my comfy chair at work, which is the only thing to look forward to on a Monday.  I finished up here as best as I could.  Supper was a Screaming Sicilian Pizza.  It was supposed to assault my taste buds, but it failed.  I thought it was a deep dish and it was just a regular pizza.  I can’t say that I will buy it again but I do have 2 pieces left for supper tomorrow night. 

Bear Update – He is pretty well back to normal.  Stopping the antibiotic returned him to making normal stool and it’s much easier to clean up after.  He is peeing yellow which is what I want to see.  I am limiting his dry food intake and giving him wet food and plenty of water.  His eye is still infected.  There is discharge coming out of it and I have him on antibiotic drops.  I hope that it is better soon.  I don’t want to have to pick him up right now for any reason, he wouldn’t help my back.  So we have crossed the major hurdle or so I feel.  The last problem is the eye and then hopefully no more issues for Bear.  He has already had his quota for 2016.

Other issues – Well my other issue is still lingering.  I have managed to lose and keep off 5lbs.  There are times when I simply don’t want to eat be it nerves or depression or both.  My losing weight is great but it is how I am doing it and this is not the right way.  Friday at work my sugar dropped and I had to have lunch and then a snack on top of lunch in order to get things back up.  I hate sugar drops it feels like hell.  You’re sick but you know that if you eat you will feel better.  The problem is it takes a while for the body to digest the food and for you to actually feel better.  I am like a limp noodle when I get that way.  It doesn’t happen that often.  I was busy doing a bunch of office moves and I tried to power through them by skipping lunch and having it later.  My body however wouldn’t allow that.  I am ready for the storm to pass so that I can truly get back to normal.  I just try not to think about it which isn’t easy.  It doesn’t take much and my mind starts wondering.  There are so many unanswered questions that I have.

So my plans for the remainder of the night are to complete laundry, empty the litter boxes, pass out a snack for the children and then make my way to bed but before sleeping watching the latest episode of Shameless.  I saw a great movie last night called Metro with Eddie Murphy in it, it was on Encore On Demand.  Very entertaining.  That’s all I got for now.  Here is hoping that this will be a great week and that I will be given lots of good news and have many positive experiences.  Hey I can dream, right!  I know tomorrow is the dreaded Monday.

I hope that you all stay warm and are safe.  Talk with you all again soon.

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Jude said...

I'm glad to hear Bear is getting back to normal. Here's hoping you get some more good news soon!