06 January 2016

Bad 2 Worse

Please pray for me, I need all of the help I can get.  Yesterday I learned that I am the primary suspect in the investigation with my mom’s house fire.  Law Enforcement tried to brow beat a confession out of me and the more I said I didn’t do it the more agressive they got.  We are at the stage now where I volunterred to take a voice stress test to see if I am lying – they claim this would help eliminate me as a suspect. 

As you can well imagine I am a wreck – operating on very little sleep, really don’t want to be at work, would love to get this little matter put to bed and behind me.  I am presently searching for an attorney.  It’s crazy to think that I have to hire an attorney to defend me, despite the fact that I am innocent.  Being able to pay for representation is going to be a major stumbling block. 

What is even more far fetched is that there is no financial motive or any incentive for me to have done this, as my name is not connected with that property, the insurance policy, etc.  So even if the insurance company elects to pay on the claim, I won’t see a dime of the money, which is perfectly fine by me. 

At this point I have serious doubts if I will ever talk with my brother and/or my mother again.  I feel like I have been framed, it’s just too convenient that after I was last there the event takes place.  I am going to limit what I post about this event, but wanted to at least circulate word that I would appreciate any prayer that you could send my way.  I just put my life back together after losing the love of my life, there is no reason whatsoever that I would want to flush it all down the toilet.  If I did I would comit suicide and not comit arson.

Thanks for your time and prayers. 

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Jude said...

You are in my prayers! Please keep us posted!