28 September 2015

Trucking to work

Drove the truck as planned, got here safe.  It was nice sitting up a little higher on the road.  I heard the growling noise.  It really sounds bad, like Ruthie was with me the whole way to work.  I am driving it home and will resume using my car for the rest of the week.  No word on Friday (my day off request) yet, my boss has a rule that you submit for the day and if no one else is off then it’s automatically approved.  I like that but would rather have the assurance knowing that it’s been approved. 

My other co-workers in IT are out today, so I am the Lone Ranger here.  That means I could leave early if I so chose but if I did chose then you know as well as I that something would go wrong and I would probably get caught.  Now I am talking like leaving 30 minutes early.  5 minutes well that probably won’t make much of a big deal, but the risk is still there. 

I saw some Chili Pot Pies yesterday at the store.  I picked up a couple and am looking forward to having one of them tonight.  I sure hope they are as good as I think they will be. 

After cleaning the microwave yesterday with boiling hot water it looks amazing.  I feel like it belongs to someone else.  How I let it get that bad is beyond me, just one of those things I guess I didn’t think about too much. 

Got a call from the roof people.  I need to call them back to set something up.  Not really looking forward to getting the estimate but calling them back is the first step in the process.  Really not excited to spend the money but it is going for something good.

That’s it for Monday.  Depending upon how things shake out 3 or 4 more days to go.  Hope your Monday was a great one!

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