14 September 2015


My therapist setup a follow up call with me for lunch time today.  I made the call and told her about the issues with my mom but outside of that life is going okay.  We left things that I would reach out if I needed her.  It was just a reminder of how far I have come.  I remember walking in her door and the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  Now not to much.  The one thing that I can’t get back is my late partner.  However, I have pretty well come to terms with that.  I feel pretty good, just kind of want to hit the fast forward button on life a little bit.  I am interested in getting to another good part and skipping over the BS.

In other news I reached out to the robot people.  Their website says that if your nice and unhappy let them know and they will give you a discount code to use on a future purchase.  Apparently that is just fluff.  They won’t help me for shit.  They encouraged me to get a different sleeve and that should do the trick but they can’t say for sure.  I ask for a discount code and they said no way.  So I wrote them back and told them that I would have a charge back issued and explore my legal rights for false advertisement – I mean they claim they will give you a discount code if your unhappy.  Clearly I have expressed my displeasure but I guess I was too nice about it.  Given that it’s an adult item, I am guessing they don’t think I have the balls to follow through, but oh they don’t know me too well.  It will give the people at the credit card company something to laugh about.  I am waiting them out and not jumping to any conclusions.  The sleeve is around $30 which I would be willing to spend but if I can get it at a discount, why should I pay full price.  I am waiting them out to see if their position changes since I made my threats.  I was really hoping that they would make this process easy.  In another way it’s kind of my own fault for falling for the hype.

Moving on to the children.  Big Boy slept with me last night.  Marv ran off  I woke up in the middle of the night and momma snuck in my room, she is black and the lights were out so she didn’t exactly stand out.  I hit her as I climbed back into bed.  Then Marv wanted in  It was a huge mess but I had the three of them for a couple hours.  Then it was time to get up and face the world. 

Much colder this morning than it was this time last week.  Kind of nice but were getting closer to the mornings where turning on the heat will be required.  I was able to drive to work with the sunroof up.  Once I get into the city I open the hatch up.  When your on the freeway/interstate there is too much of a risk of getting unwanted company by flying objects, at least that is my fear.  The cold air feels good for now. 

Work is just a bag full of problems.  We changed our email domain, it was a rush decision with no forethought or testing put in and it’s caused all kinds of problems.  While the new domain is shorter I would have rather kept the old one in exchange for all of the problems it has brought with it.  Overall, I know most people will be happier, which I suppose is a good thing.  I am really hoping for some news on my chair.  The vendor is waiting to hear a ship date.  It’s like they are custom making this damn thing for me and that is so not the case.  I hope that it’s here before the end of the month, I am eager to sit my large body in it to see if it will give me any better support than the bucket I am sitting in now. 

There you have it your mundane Monday update. 

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