13 September 2015

Candy Bar Discount

It’s Sunday and that means breakfast, which was good.  Grocery store which was a necessary evil.  I got my discount of $20 but had to buy 5 candy bars to send my purchase over the limit.  So Instead of paying $73 I paid $53 which was a good deal.  Then on to home to put everything away and back out for Cat Food.  I saw one of the straight cute guys running the cash register.  Of course that is the register I went to.  We made casual conversation, which was fun.  The pet store was out of Banana Toys.  I was looking forward to coming home with a couple of them.  Perhaps they will be back in stock next week.

My glasses from Warby Parker will be here on Tuesday.  Of course I just got an e-mail from them and the fall line up is out now.  Now I want another pair.  They offer an exchange program and/or they will give you a full refund within 30 days if your not happy.  Plus they will reimburse you up to $50 for adjustments that are made within 30 days or you can drop by one of their retail stores for free adjustments.  For me that would require boarding a plane and it’s not worth it. 

I have been thinking about my pleasure robot and how it was pretty expensive.  I am not in the habit of throwing my money away and decided to reach out to the company to see what can be done, if anything so that I can get better results from it.  The idea of setting up a machine for sex is a bit of a turn off but if it’s going to give me pleasure for sure, then I don’t mind the inconvenience.  I have other toys that require just as much effort, plus don’t forget about the clean up.  I am interested to see what they will have to say.  I know that returning it is not an option and I fully understood that going into the deal.  In reading the website I see that they are pretty strict, they will accept the item for return only if you didn’t open the original shipping container.  So there is a box (shipping container) the item ships in and then there is the item which is in shrink wrap.  I see their line of thinking that someone could have used it, then re-shrink wrapped it and viola return it because it looks new and unused.  Now how many people do you think would go through that trouble? 

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is back on tonight and I am looking forward to seeing him again.  He is always funny.  I just hope that I make it through the entire thing awake.  I had a rough night last night.  I took a Benadryl and didn’t take my sleeping pills which would explain why I woke up at 4 AM.  I found myself in bed with 3 cats stacked in a row.  At the end of the bed was Marv, then Insty and Momma was up by me.  That little woman (momma) was chewing all over herself.  I felt sorry for her.  When I got home from my shopping trips, I cleaned out her ears.  Wow that wasn’t fun.  I thought about giving her a bath but knew that wouldn’t really resolve anything.  Now I am debating starting her on steroids or giving the antihistamines go again.  We’ve been to the vet way too many times and they can’t seem to do anything for her.  Steroids offer the best help but they also have side effects.  I really feel bad for her and don’t like to see her suffer.  Itching all the time isn’t the worst thing in the world but it sure does seem like it when it happens to me.  I wish that I could take that away from her so she could return to normal life.  Things do tend to settle down once winter comes. 

Speaking of winter, Fall is here.  I turned off the ac, rolled down the windows and opened the sun roof.  While the pollen will no doubt cause me problems the feeling of fresh cool air is nice.  I hope that this is a new trend.  Not too cold but not too warm either.  I know that jacket and coat weather is approaching but I am not ready to jump in with both feet.  Speaking of jumping in, I could sure use a good swim.  I love the water but haven’t been in since I traveled a couple years ago for business.  There is supposed to be a new health club opening in my area, if they have a pool and the dues are cheap enough I would join.  Who knows maybe I could lose some weight and become more attractive to guys and finally get a man. 

Laundry is finishing, then I get to go run the vacuum cleaner and take out the trash.  The children will be ever so pleased.  They all scatter like mice when the vacuum comes out.  Bear is lying in front of the windows right now getting his sun on.  He is on his back and managed to milk a belly rub out of me.  I warned them all that I would be back up in about an hour and we would be cleaning house.  I will start with the basement first and then move upstairs.  That will better prepare them for what is coming. 

There you have it, my Sunday in words.  I hope your weekend was great and that your doing well.  Tell me all about it in the comments.  I shall talk with you folks again soon.  Check out the music video below, it’s one of my many favorites!

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