04 September 2015

La Grand Update

Life has been busy and has pulled me in some different directions, so finding time to blog has been difficult to do.

My mom is crying for attention again.  My brother wants me to take over so that he can get laid and spend time with his girlfriend.  Problem is I am not falling for it.  He signed up and was awarded being financially and legally responsible for her.  This is a job he signed up for and now that his life has changed it’s oh I don’t want to do this job any longer.  That is bullshit and to think that I will come in and save the day, well your dead wrong about that.  Anytime I get mixed up with either one of them it results in trouble for me, so I am keeping my distance.  My mom has been pestering the police she now things that the neighbors are rioting and trying to get her to move out.  There is someone on the roof of the house, she sees and hears them.  It’s all in her head, there isn’t anyone there.  She asked me to come over and spend the night with her tonight and I said yes.  The more I think about it I am not going over.  I know that will break her heart but I just don’t feel safe alone with her in the same house all night long.  I made a call last night to see if I could get the State involved since neglect is a form of abuse, but they won’t touch the case.  They think there really isn’t anything bad going on and that my brother is trying to help her.  Yeah okay I don’t know what in the world is going to happen, I don’t think it will be good.  I know that it looks like I am trying to cop out, it would take far too long to explain the situation.  Suffice to say that there is no love on my part for my mother, she has treated me like crap until I was good for something and then I was her best friend and after she got what she wanted or needed life went back to normal.  My brother has also been the same way.  So the two of them are a perfect match for each other.  I just want to walk away from both of them, don’t care to hear from them or see them.  I know it’s the only blood family – I can’t count on them for shit, so it’s better to divorce myself from them.

I got my home trial from Warby Parker and I like a couple pairs, I have to sit down and take more time with it to make a decision, then drop them back in the mail.  My robot arrived and it didn’t perform as good as I expected.  For hygiene reasons you can’t return adult toys.  I’ve only had 1 experience with it.  I got some pleasure from it and plan to use it again to see if I can obtain different and more pleasing results.  Feels nothing like a real blowjob. 

My birthday happened and I got plenty of emails, a couple cards and some food presents from work.  Nice to know that people care.  There were plenty of people that I wanted to hear from that didn’t say a word.  That hurts but I know it’s life some people don’t care.  I didn’t really do anything to celebrate, unless you count the use of my robot and that’s not really something that I can advertise at work.  So I had mac & cheese and some cheesecake – ate with the cats.  Oh joy. 

I plan to have lunch with a friend tomorrow.  We are closing the office today 2 hours early, which is nice so I get to leave early and go home to be with the children.  I also will have to call my mom to cancel and that won’t be fun but at least I will get to have my evening and weekend.  I am anticipating hearing from some other friends and trying to get together with them.  I am so looking forward to some relaxing time.  No real big plans.  I did think about cleaning the carpet but the children will just mess it up again so might as well leave it dirty and then when they are done making a mess I can invest in cleaning and/or replacing it.  Until then I think it’s a losing battle and while it may make me feel good and it might look good I think it’s time wasted on my part. 

So a couple months back my boss scolded me because someone asked me to close their ticket, they were happy with the work around.  Now she has done a 180 and said in a staff meeting that it is now okay to do that despite yelling at me.  I am starting to think that she is BI POLAR.  I just got a note from her about leaving early, before she told me it was a given and that I could always leave early when my office closed but now apparently it’s an issue and I need to check with her.  I thought about asking if she wanted me to stay but I think that she is baiting me so I am not going to fall for it.  Besides that my new schedule, the afternoons are devoted to my local office anyway.  It’s a holiday weekend and there really isn’t that much going on, so F that I am going home. 

Just when you think your problems are over with life throws a new set of challenges at you.  Personally I would like to be left alone for a while.  I have had 2 years of hell and really need a vacation.  Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you.  Now back to work for me. 

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Jude said...

I hope that you did get out of work early yesterday, have a restful long weekend!