08 September 2015


Have you seen the commercial for the new Axe Dry Antiperspirant?  It goes on dry and it stays dry – no deodorant on your clothes because its clear.  I bought a can of Tropical and now I smell like Coconut.  It does its job pretty well.  Then again I haven’t exactly exerted myself today. 

Bear left a present in the middle of my room and it was in the middle of the night.  Good thing I put down a pad.  Easy clean up.  He however is a mess so he’s getting a real bath tonight.  His ears are warm which could mean he has a fever.  He ate breakfast though.  Normally he comes out of my room but he was there when I left, never moved a muscle.  I don’t take that as a good sign either.  However, I will just take it one day at a time and see where this goes.  Hopefully all is okay. 

Marvin loves his banana.  He found it long before it was bed time.  He was chewing on it.  Then his mother discovered it and she wanted to sleep with it  Looks like I need to go back and buy a few more.  At $7.50 each that will be the most I have ever paid for bananas, unless you count me ordering Bananas Foster.  

Work hasn’t been too bad thus far.  Were late in the afternoon and everyone seems to have settled in just fine.  I keep thinking about the cute guy leaving and how I only have a few more days to see him, kind of sad.  Looking forward to heading home tonight, seeing what is in the mail and having some BBQ Pork.  Not to mention feeding the muffins (aka children). 

I took my robot for another spin last night and I have concluded that it was a huge waste of money.  I may invest a little more in it and get a different sleeve, perhaps that will make a difference.  If not then I am done.  I will just put it in a pile and call it a day.  I’ve got a similar device from Real Touch.  That actually works, it feels fucking amazing.  I purchased it when they first came out and the design for hooking up the serial connector was flawed so it easily comes unplugged and that always happens at the wrong moments.  Plus you have to subscribe to their website.  The idea is that you watch videos that are encoded with haptic movements that are sent to the device and you have the time of your life.  The problem with the toys they cost money and require clean up.  It’s much easier to do the by hand method and the clean up is so much easier.  I suppose there will always be a gadget out there that promises you the world but doesn’t necessarily deliver.  The object of the game is to take your money. 

That is all of the pearls of wisdom I have for today.  Check back tomorrow, you just never know what I will post.  :) 

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