07 September 2015

Labor Monday

While today was suppose to be a rest from labor, there was work to be done here at home so I labored.  I am watching a new series via Amazon Prime.  It was a show that apparently was on HBO sometime ago.  The series is called Hung.  It’s about a guy who is a school teacher/coach and he has a very large penis.  He was married and has 2 kids.  One a boy and the other a girl.  His house is damaged by a fire in the first episode.  He needs extra income because apparently there is/was no insurance on the house.  So he goes into being a male escort (whore).  He makes a woman friend of his that he has screwed a couple times his pimp and the fun begins from there.  I made it through season 1 already.  Just started Season 2.  There is a 3 and I think a 4 but not sure of it.  Anyway, it’s included with my Prime membership so no charge.  You don’t get to see any male parts, other than his butt the sex scenes make it look like he can really plow the woman and they enjoy it a lot.  Not exactly the series you would think a gay guy would be interested in but I am hooked.  There isn’t much else on and it beats trying to decide what movie I am going to watch. 

My friend that I spent time with on Saturday sent me home with some expensive cheese dip that she made.  Her husbands family found out that she can cook and she made this dip one time, now anytime she goes to a function where they are, they demand that she makes it.  They eat it on rye bread but she said that it would pair well with your favorite chip.  I picked up some Tostito's and had a little bit as a snack.  The stuff is awful and I have a nice size tub of the crap to eat.  There just is no flavor there, I can’t see why anyone would like it.  I may try it again but if it’s still horrible I will throw it out.  Yes I will tell her what I really think of it.  I know I could hurt her feelings but hey we don’t all like the same thing in this world.  Each of us has different taste. 

So on to my labor.  Laundry has been a big part of it.  I also had to hit up the pet food store.  I got a toy banana for Jumper (Marvin) so he will have something to chew on at night besides my fingers.  He loves to munch on them, he starts off light and then gets rough and that is when I start yelling and he gets his feelings hurt.  I wind up sleeping alone and he is hurt.  So I am hopeful that he will take to the banana as a substitute for my fingers.  I will enjoy it a lot more and then he can bite as hard as he wants.  Then I went on to Best Buy where I picked up a new cordless phone for my Magic Jack #, I had some issues with the charger and while I only wanted to replace the charger it was more cost effective to replace the whole damn thing.  Plus on the new phone I got I can actually hear much better.  I only use the Magic Jack for dating so it doesn’t get much use, but better to have it an be prepared than to scramble at the last minute when maybe Mr. Right is waiting.  I also got the privilege of seeing a nice bubble butt while I was waiting in the checkout line.  That was worth the cost of the phone.  Then I hit up the local Beauty Supply place for some Tea Tree Conditioner.  I’ve tried so many other things but this stuff works the best, so might as well use it.  Then it was on to Sam’s where I thought I could walk out the door cheap, it was under a hundred dollars but I still spent more than I wanted.  The upside is that I have 36 cans of Diet Pepsi and 24 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper and I got them on the cheap, which is a very good thing.  Dr. Pepper goes for $5 which you will be lucky to pay that for 12 cans in the grocery store.  Markups are a horrible thing.  Then it was home for the rest of the day. 

I had the children harping at me so I fed them lunch and an early supper.  I squeezed in a nap that I really didn’t need.  I got my jewelry all sparkly clean and I have a new water bottle.  I am almost ready for tomorrow.  It will be nice to be able to focus my mind on something else.  As you can well imagine I have been thinking all too much about my mother and the events of Friday.  Still it’s work so I am not that eager to go back.  I really hope that my chair comes in this week, it’s been forever since the order was placed.  The cute guy that I have a crush on will be leaving this week.  I hate to see him go, he’s a nice guy but he is also very nice to look at, even if he is married.  You have to take care of yourself in this world because no one else will do it for you.  There are a few other pieces of eye candy to look at but he was my favorite.

So I have to wrap up the laundry.  Go on litter box duty.  Wrangle the trash so that I can put it out when I come home tomorrow.  I will be thinking the entire day that today is Monday when it will actually be Tuesday.  Then somehow over the weekend my biological clock will reset and things will return to normal.  I am eager to see what the mail brings tomorrow, probably nothing but a bill.  I have an Amazon order placed for Big Boy to get his medicine but that will be a few days before it shows up.  Outside of that I am not expecting anything but my water bill.

I managed to find the videos that I thought I lost.  This whole iPhone photo/video thing has had me pretty upset.  There are memories there that can’t be recreated.  Like when Blu was playing with his mouse on the deck.  I am glad that I have those to look at and think about what life was it’s a nice distraction from what life is.  My next goal is to find me a man, I will be getting back out on the dating apps to give it another try.  I don’t think I will be parting with any money but I have said that before.  I also need to take a leap of faith and visit a gay bar.  That was actually in my plans for this weekend but it didn’t happen and that is okay.  They aren’t all going to close up shop overnight. 

I hope you had a great Monday – holiday or not.  Here’s to this week being fabulous!   

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