18 September 2015

TGIF again

I got a text message on the way to work, my friend is fine just not talking with anyone while on vacation.  Ok so I know that she is still alive that is good but all of the stress that she put me through, I could wring her neck. 

Despite my aggressive and very painful massage, I am able to walk today.  It’s actually sore around my waist in the rib area.  My body is pretty used to the massage thing, despite the pain.  Hopefully I am not sore all weekend long.

I got the replacement sleeve for the robot.  I took it for a spin last night.  I sense more feeling but it didn’t do the job.  I don’t know what all of the rave reviews are about, I think they paid people off.  So in my opinion I would skip the purchase if I had it to do over again.  Fortunately, they provided a shopping guarantee with the purchase, it’s through a third part.  I am going to file a claim to see if I can get my money back.  I don’t expect it to work but it’s at least worth trying. 

Very bad accident on the way home last night.  They shutdown the freeway – there were cop cars everywhere.  We were reduced to the far left shoulder and it was one car at a time.  I saw a mini van taxi cab facing the wrong way and it was beat to hell.  If anyone came out of that accident without serious injuries it is simply amazing. 

Got me kisses from Big Boy (Bear) last night.  He was crying out for attention and I went over to him to rub his belly.  He saw my leg and grabbed it with his front paws and locked on to it.  The he started licking it.  This happened two times.  So a bear hug and kisses.  He is such a sweet boy and he has really been put through the wringer.  I thought I heard some extra fluid this morning he was having a coughing attack, which is normal.  I will be keeping an extra eye on him.  He will get more attention over the weekend.  Marv slept with me and he is still chewing on my fingers.  I offer him the Banana and since that doesn’t taste like fingers he just looks at me funny and then tries to bite me.

I’ve really been doing more thinking about a new car but in my heart I know that the right move is to see what is wrong with the truck and how much it will cost to fix.  if it’s not terrible then fix it.  If it is then find someone who buys junk cars and call it a day.  Keep my car and keep on trying to save money.  Going from two vehicles down to 1 will be much less expensive due to maintenance as well as insurance, then there is the matter of license plates, etc.  That would really be a huge help.  I mean I am not struggling to make ends meet, I am well taken care of but there are other things that I need and I am always trying to find a way to save money where and when I can. 

Looking forward to grocery shopping this weekend, only because I get to save $20 provided that I buy at least $70 worth of food and that shouldn’t be a huge problem.  You can rack that up easy, especially in the meat department – which I rarely visit.  Most of my stuff is frozen, not healthy but easier to cook and tastes much better than if I made it. 

So there you have it, Friday in a nut shell.  Unsure of my plans for the weekend but I am leaning towards being lazy on Saturday, at least part of the day.  Thought about going to the buffet but I don’t feel it now, maybe that will change come tomorrow.  Otherwise, I will dine at some place local.  I really don’t want to be here at work now, very tired and looking forward to sleeping.  I will make it, this morning was really bad.  Now that I am off the phones I think I will be able to manage or so I hope. 

Have a great weekend and I am sure our paths will cross at some point over the weekend.  Be well!

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