19 September 2015

Lazy Saturday

When I came home I remembered that this was the weekend of our neighborhood yard sale.  People flock to that, so that gave me an extra incentive to stay home today.  I pretty well slept the day away until around 2p when I got out of bed and got dressed.  Then headed out to grab the mail and on to Red Lobster for a bite to eat.  Then here I am back home.

My credit card company worked out the bugs with putting a photo on a chipped card, so I have been searching all over the place for the photo I used of Big Boy on one of my cards and can’t find it.  I was able to upload a different photo but really would like to find the photo that I used before.  My pictures are a mess and I need to take time to sort them but it’s one of those things I say I will do when time permits.  Time is permitting now but I am blogging instead. 

The mail didn’t bring me anything good, unless you count a photo of the White House when they switched to rainbow lighting to celebrate Marriage Equality.  It was a mailer from the DNC trying to raise money for the next Democratic Presidential Candidate.   I don’t give money to politicians, they are getting my tax dollars and I feel that is enough.

It’s kind of a blah weekend here.  Wishing I had someone to spend time with.  In other news the Norton Shopping Guarantee that came with my blowjob robot looks like they will cover the cost of the robot since it does nothing for me.  Turns out they put you in touch with the Merchant and then if you can’t resolve the dispute they apparently pay up, but it looks to be a long process.  I filed a claim and am waiting to see how things turn out.  I did verify that I got full credit instead of 30% off for the additional sleeve that I purchased.  I kind of doubt that I will get my money back but it’s at least worth trying.  If the product worked like they claim and felt mind blowing good then I wouldn’t be making a complaint.

I started work on an update to My Book filling in the pieces of the puzzle and how things turned out.  I am taking my time in getting things together and will eventually have it back up on LULU for purchase.  I am proud of my accomplishments, including publishing a book (even if there were some typos). 

Going to head out to Target soon to pick up a few things and probably stop for cat food.  Then tomorrow it will be breakfast and grocery shopping.  I’ve got my $20 coupon and looking forward to using it.  I hope your having a great weekend and enjoying time away from work and the hustle and bustle of what is Monday thru Friday.  One more day!

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