20 September 2015

Sunday no fun day

I woke up early and decided to go back to bed, at least for another hour.  I was up and out of bed by 8a.  The children were fed and I was dressed and out the door.  Breakfast as usual at my local Steak N Shake.  I vary my orders, today was a lunch order with Chili 5 Way, Frisco Melt w/fries, Diet Coke and since the chili was a little spicy, it’s an excuse to get a Small Birthday Cake Milkshake.  Very good and a cook that I have a crush on was working.  I just happened to notice today he is whiter than any white person I have ever seen.  I guess he gets no sun at all.  Still he has a nice body and that is what I am crushing over.

Headed out to the grocery store where I thought I wouldn’t even come close to spending the required $70 and I surpassed it and spent $80, that was with only a moderate effort on my part.  Not bad getting $20 worth of free food.  I have Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches and thought they would be a nice treat.  They are just okay. 

I drove the car until it was down to the last 10 miles before empty.  Hit up the gas station and got a car wash.  They gave me a discount on gas and a discount on the car wash, so I don’t think it was a bad deal.  I just wish the car wash would actually get all of the crap off of your car that it’s supposed to.  I debated about the cheap wash or if I should pay extra and go to the place with the solar hot wax.  Turns out the solar hot wax would have been the better choice. 

Got home, groceries put away.  I figured I would leverage my time by using the energy that I had now before it left my body.  So I cleaned the house and got the trash out.  Then it was time to play with my finances and enter in all of the money I spent today.  Not a cheap Sunday by any means.  Surfed the internet.  I found myself last night and again today on YouTube watching High Speed Pursuits, there is a specific channel devoted to them.  Check it out, if you like that sort of thing you won’t be disappointed.  It has sucked me in like sex, food and rock n roll it’s just one of those things that I can’t get away from.  It’s best to put the video on full screen and then I find that I become immersed in it and it’s almost like I am driving the car.  While I would like the chance to drive a real police car I don’t know that will ever happen.  I can tell you that there is no way on earth that I would want to get into a car chase.  They always end in disaster, the bad guy wrecks and occasionally the good guys do as well.  However, I do understand the thrill of the hunt and the rush that you get from it. 

I took a nap with Insty laying at my feet.  I heard her purr motor on full blast and could feel it as well.  She worships me and honestly I am not worth it.  When I woke up it was time to tend to the laundry.  I played on the computer for a bit.  I figured out that Momma has been the one who is crapping in the basement.  I am quite surprised and mad about it.  She knows better.  I cleaned it up and just barked at her a little bit.  I think there is something medically going on with her, so she might get a trip to the vet out of this – not that I want that.  It’s just uncommon for her to go outside the box.  She seems to be trying to mimic LB.  She lays in spots he used to, one of which is on the coffee table and she would never lay there.  Also she holds one of her rear legs up in the air when she is laying down.  I have struggled to try to figure this out and the mimic behavior has been on going since at least July.

Got my face all shaved, trimmed some body hair as well.  Got a nice shower, feel pretty good.  Laundry is all put away.  Now I am just killing time before I go up and fix supper for all of us.  I am having a frozen California Pizza Kitchen pizza.  Sicilian I believe.  I will put on extra cheese because that makes it better.  Then it will be time to start prep for Monday.  Not looking forward to that, but it’s coming like it or not. 

No phone calls at all this weekend.  I got some sales call on Friday night but it went to voice mail.  Since then no one has bothered to ring me.  I have done my fair share of guy searching on the dating app. It’s not Grindr but I have never had a problem getting guys to respond to me.  Now I sent out messages and no one bothers to answer.  Kind of frustrating since they are all looking just like me.  I know we can all afford to be choosy but I have taken some chances.  You just never know what your Mr. Right is going to look like.  I am very limited now on who I have to chose from because most guys don’t want anyone over 40.  Where have all the guys gone?  This is kind of frustrating but I know with persistence I will get what I want.  Sort of like a certain cat begging for food, two hours before normal dinner time.  I wonder how they make it during the week when there isn’t anyone here to beg?

This should be my week.  New Chair is supposed to be in and I very much look forward to planting my big fat ass in it.  Autumn begins on Wednesday, the weather is supposed to be cooler this week.  Nothing like pushing back the moon roof, rolling down the windows and driving in crisp cool air.  This is the last full week before another pay day.  Outside of that I don’t know of anything else good that is supposed to happen to me this week.  I pray that it’s a calm quiet week filled with simple stuff and quick wins.  Then again I pray for that every week. 

I hope that you have had a very enjoyable weekend and that you took time to relax and unwind.  The week can be so stressful but it’s important to take time out for yourself – nap, sleep in, go out to breakfast do something for you or buy something for you.  Here’s to a great week ahead!

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