17 September 2015

Ouch that hurt

Today started off fairly well but then I had my massage and wow, I honestly don’t know if I will be able to walk tomorrow.  She went after my lower back and I have serious issues there, I should have stopped her but I breathed through the pain.  Massage doesn’t always feel good like one thinks it should.  Sometimes you have bad knots that need to be worked out, which was the case for me.  I just hope I am okay tomorrow. 

Last night I got word on my chair, it should be here by the end of next week.  There is a ship date of Monday for it.  I know for a fact it was custom made, but it’s just a matter of putting a piece of fabric on.  It’s not like they took a mold of my body and contoured the chair around that.  If they did then I would certainly understand why it took so long. 

I have a friend who is on vacation in FL.  There is proof that she made it there.  However, I haven’t heard from her in days, which is uncommon.  Every time I call no matter when I go straight to Voice Mail, which means the phone is turned off.  I reached out to her husband and he isn’t concerned, he told me she was probably on the beach and to leave a message.  Great, I think she was eaten by a shark or something serious has happened.  It’s a feeling that I can’t shake since this is abnormal behavior from her.  Text messages haven’t been returned either.  Normally if there isn’t time for talk she will at least be able to send me a message.  She isn’t scheduled to be back until late next week, so only time will tell.  Meanwhile I keep on calling and hoping for a ring instead of straight to voice mail.

I have confirmation that my new sleeve for the robot is waiting for pickup at the post office.  Unless something goes wrong tonight I will be giving it a run for it’s money to see if it performs better.  My hope is that it does, otherwise it’s a lot of money down the tubes for not. 

Nothing else really new at the moment.  Looking forward to out of here.  Lots of calls today due to an update that was pushed and forces multiple reboots.  Then the guy next to me is sick and I hope I don’t get his germs.  I usually get something with the change of seasons but thus far I have been okay, because the weather hasn’t been that bad.  However, I notice my allergies have picked up a little bit.

Tomorrows Friday, hopefully that means that it will be a guaranteed good day! 

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