12 September 2015

This is Saturday

Slept in a little bit, fed the children and made an appointment for a hair cut.  Got dressed and headed out the door after taking my pills.  After the hair cut I hit up the post office and pharmacy for momma.  Then back home.  I said I would go back out later but that hasn’t happened and I don’t think it will. 

I spent the remainder of the day finishing up watching Hung and napping.  I ate here and there.  The girls loved to sleep with me.  I had momma at my feed and gator on my chest.  It sounds uncomfortable but it was oddly relaxing.  Hung was a good series and I enjoyed every episode, shame it’s not on anymore.

I joined back up on another dating app, I have a profile but haven’t paid any money or made any successful connections. I am skeptical given my past experience but hope that maybe this time around something will be different.  A friend of mine said stop looking so hard for love, it will find you.  That to me is like being unemployed and expecting your next job to knock on your door.  It won’t happen, you have to put in an effort in order to get results.  No effort = no results.  At least in the past I managed to go on a date with one guy and talk with another on the phone.  Neither was right for me but if it wasn’t for my effort I wouldn’t have had the chance for either. 

The mail brought me a junk flyer which I almost discarded.  Thankfully I didn’t and now I get $20 off of groceries for the next month, provided I spent at least $70.  That is not a bad deal – who can’t use free food.  I average around $100 so this will sure come in handy.  All of the bills are in and payday is next week.  Then all of the money will be gone but the bills will be to.  Until the next couple of weeks roll around and then we play the game all over again.

Nothing planned for tomorrow, just the usual of breakfast, grocery shopping and well cat food shopping.  Then it will be home for the rest of the day and time to prep for a five day work week.  Kind of lonely and boring here but I am making it.  I enjoyed being able to have the freedom to do nothing today and sleep the day away, it might not be physically healthy but mentally it’s really nice. 

Here’s hoping that you had a fun Saturday.  Now on into the night we move.  I’ve already started laundry and dishes will be next.  Yeah it’s a real party here.  Then it will be back to the TV to see what I can find to watch.  Talk with you all again soon. 

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