10 September 2015


By the title you will see that today was an Average day.  Nothing bad happened, which is a very good thing.  Well I take that back, the cute guy at work left as today was his last day.  We didn’t get to meet up to say goodbye, I was away from my desk when he left.  I really hate to see him go but he’s got to take care of himself.  I hope that his new adventure turns out to be everything he wants in a job.  Happiness is important.

I went out to lunch with a co-worker and it was really good.  Plus it was nice to get away from the office.  Tomorrow lunch is being catered in so you know I will be there.  It’s going to be BBQ, I am picky about my BBQ but so long as they have a decent sauce I think we will be fine.  Looking forward to it already. 

I can’t seem to shake my brother and mother from my head.  I am constantly thinking about the situation and how this really all isn’t fair to my mom.  However, I put a stake in the ground and far be it for me to change my position.  If I do then it will only continue to consume me.  Still they are blood relatives but I would rather not associate with them.  I know that I can’t be the only person in the world who doesn’t want to talk with or see a part of his blood family.  I hope that I can move on and be at peace with my decision.  To me it feels like the right call, I just have to get used to it.  I still plan on sending my mom a birthday gift. 

So I am sitting here in my el homo typing away.  I need to go up and feed the children their evening snack, turn on some TV and try to relax before it’s time to call it a day.  I am very tired and that comes naturally after a day at the office.  It seems the older I get the less stamina I have, but I continue to amaze myself on being able to function on very little sleep for long periods of time.  It’s not on a regular basis but when I was younger, I wouldn’t even try or take the chance – you’d find me at home in bed if I missed so much as 15 minutes of sleep the night before.  Now that there is no comfort zone and I’ve grown up, I know that if I don’t go to work there is a price to pay.

I’ve started telling corny jokes around the office.  Now I have a guy who wants me to stop by everyday to tell him the joke of the day.  Yeah okay.  I have a lot of jokes, the problem is I can’t remember half of them.  Usually the dirtier they are the easier they are to remember.  Imagine that. 

Here’s hoping that today was an awesome day for you.  If it’s your birthday, Happy Birthday!  Now I am moving on with the evening before it hurries up and passes me by.  Take care and we will talk again soon. 

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