27 September 2015

The day before Monday

I’ve done all of the usual chores and tasks that I normally do on a Sunday.  I am actually still working on Laundry and can’t wait until it’s done.  I get to shave and shower.  That is the part I look forward to.  There is nothing like a hot shower with no place to go and nothing to do, you can relax and take your time.  However, all I think about is when I take my next shower it will be Monday, ugh I don’t want to go back to work. 

I replaced the batteries in both of the vehicle remotes, I did it last year and I am thinking of making it an annual habit.  I need to get the garage door opener in my car and my remote for the alarm.  I finally after two years combined keys so that I have both vehicles and their remotes on one key ring.  It sure does make things extra bulky but now I know the keys are with me. 

The auction was slightly noisy they started setting up at 7a and I was in the master bedroom, the walls are paper thin.  Holy cow I wasn’t happy but I understood they had a job to do.  I was able to get back to sleep for a couple hours.  Gator started crying at 4am when I changed beds.  I didn’t think she would ever shutdown but she did. It’s 4p and the auction folks have been tearing down and clearing out for the past couple hours.  They really drew in a crowd.  It looks like someone parked on my lawn, not happy about that but it’s done – so there isn’t anything to do.  

I am now into the series Drop Dead Diva.  One of my former co-workers told me I would like it but at the time I would have had to pay to watch it because it wasn’t on Netflix but Amazon had it for purchase.  I am into the 4th episode.  Damn there were some good looking guys on that show.  I had nap time and started dreaming that I was going out with one of the guys on the show, it was just surreal how that dream came about.  I know that most of the fibers of my being long for companionship, so it is understandable.  This morning at the grocery store there was a really hot guy, he was buying all of the healthy stuff and I was tossing what I wanted into my cart.  Shame I couldn’t have tossed him.  I wonder how much he would have rang up for?

Chatted with a friend about my experiences of yesterday last night and found out that if the wheel bearing does go, the wheel could come flying off, the tire would go flat and generally you would be in one hell of an accident.  Yeah and I want to drive that vehicle to get my money back.  I am questioning if that would be a good idea.  I am thinking I will take it tomorrow but not sure about the rest of the week.  I am going to find out what it will cost to fix it and may go ahead and spend the money for the repair now, instead of risking my life.  It’s got airbags but I really don’t want to test them to see if they work, if you catch my drift. 

I am rather impressed with myself I remembered to get Parmesan Cheese at the store, remembered to clean the microwave and I have been trying to get those two things taken care of for the last two weeks.  It’s s sense of accomplishment.  I didn’t want to go to the other grocery store after I saw my total at the first place this morning.  Cinnamon Oatmeal will have to wait a week.  I will survive with Apple but won’t be happy about it.  I always have Cream of Wheat to spruce things up.  I did pick up Pumpkin Muffins.  Oh they will be great.  I just wish they didn’t coat the tops with sugar.  I am already sweet enough and more sugar isn’t what I need.  It’s money and a man!  What a shame they don’t top muffins with either of those!

Now I am off to search for a new photo for the header of the blog and of course add to my porn collection.  Speaking of which I just unplugged my VCR & DVD player a while ago.  I don’t really use them anymore and I heard they really consume the power, even in an off state.  If that is a true statement then the power bill should go down.  If I need them I will plug them back in.  I primarily used both of them to watch porn, now we have all digital media.  I am stuck with a video case full of VHS Tapes and DVD’s all porn.  I have some normal movies on both forms of media but porn was the primary thing I collected.  Like all hobbies, that was expensive.  Sure would be nice to sell that stuff and make some of the money I sent back.  There has to be a source to sell porn but I just don’t know if it’s worth the aggravation.  Plus you probably wouldn’t ever know if you were selling to an actually adult or a kid who was just discovering sex.  I mean there is a slight risk there and if you sell that to someone who isn’t a legal adult you could be in big trouble.  Like I said aggravation. 

I hope your Sunday was all roses.  Last week tonight with John Oliver is back on Tonight and it’s also the start of Quantico.  Looking forward to both.  If all works out well this should be a 4 day week for me, that is in the hands of my boss.  Once I know for sure I will be making an appointment for the car and possibly the truck again.  Now off to tend to the laundry and find the perfect picture!

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