16 September 2015

In the middle

Last night I spent some time and updated my dating profile, it’s much easier to compose something that will appeal to someone when your not doing it from a mobile device.  Typing is easier on a Desktop or Laptop.  I think I made myself more appealing but thus far no bites.  I did use some words from other profiles that I saw, that should be a given when your reading profiles.  Still the profile is unique in describing me and I think it does me justice.

Supper was Steak Fajita’s by Stouffers Fit Kitchen.  Pretty good for being frozen for 3 weeks.  Not sure what I am having tonight, it always is, has been and probably will be a question that causes too much pondering on my part.  It’s not like I have a buffet of food to chose from but still with limited choices you would think it would be easier but that is so not the case. 

I got to watch Tosh.O and it was pretty good.  I remember going to bed and Marvin was with me.  When I woke up Marvin was gone and I don’t remember letting him out.  Must have been a good night!  Kind of scary. 

I took a selfie of me in my new glasses and brought it to work and I have asked a few people to compare between the glasses I have on and the glasses that are in the selfie – which do they like better.  Everyone has picked what I have on and I was even told that I looked like Drew Carey in my old glasses.  I took that as an insult because he used to be quite overweight.  Why not just call me tubs and get it over with.  I am so glad that I haven’t worn the new glasses to work given the reaction I have gotten, all though I am glad people were able to be honest.  It helps me to know that the decision I made to keep them as a spare pair was the right thing to do. 

We had quite the morning.  One of the Windows Update patches that causes two reboots rolled out prematurely.  Me thinks someone didn’t know what they were doing.  Anyway the reboots happen automatically and there is no way to cancel out of them.  So many people called not happy that there machine spontaneously rebooted.  It was bad that it happened once but to happen twice oh that was bad.  The stop button got pressed pretty quickly but some damage was already done.  The update is scheduled to rollout tonight.  So if your machine isn’t in the office and is with you, guess what happens when you get back?  Your machine picks up the update and presto you get 2 reboots.  That will cause some people to scream. 

I checked on my chair and found out that yes it is being custom made.  However it should be here by now.  Our Office Mgr. is reaching out to the vendor and hopefully will have an update soon.  He told me that they got me a chair, I said yeah well it actually needs to get here in order to provide relief.  My back is really getting desperate.  Not to the point where I will buy my own but hey anything to try to speed up the process.  This guy won’t get aggressive with them, he’s a push over.  It would be much better if I made the call, then I have a feeling a chair would show up within a few days rather than months later.  I am being very patient but that is starting to wear off and if the damn thing isn’t here pretty soon I will go over the Office Manager’s head and that is when it will hit the fan. 

I took some time out last night to go car shopping via the internet.  Looks like I can get a decent deal, even paying full retail prices if I settle for a car and not an SUV I should be okay.  It’s tempting to drive down on Saturday and make this a reality.  It’s like I told momma last night as we were on Litter Box duty (I was emptying and she was filling).  I said well we do need a new roof so car or roof?  Both are equally important but I think this is a case of me wanting to have my cake and eat it too.  I know that affording both would put a serious crimp in my budget and we don’t want that.  I haven’t been too aggressive with the roof because well there isn’t a problem but I know one is pending.  It’s like walking a tight rope without a net – it’s a fine line and one bad move and it’s game over.  I will need to start getting bids and then probably apply for a loan to get it taken care of.  I really wish that we would have done the roof thing when the neighbors did, then this wouldn’t be an issue for me to deal with today.  I am not in a rush but certainly want to act before there is a problem. 

That is pretty well it for the moment.  We have a cute visitor that I have a mad crush on, he’s in from one of our other offices.  First time he has been here and I hope it is not the last.  I haven’t seen much of him and could stand to see more of him … just eye candy and a wondering mind. 

No staff meeting today which is good.  We got big news yesterday that we got more rights so we can do a task that is typically passed on, so it makes the callers happier because the task is done faster.  Nice!  Tomorrow is massage day for me, 1 full hour and I can already tell you I need each and every minute.  I am sure I am tight and it will be painful but let’s get it worked out.  Some lotion, some rocks and some muscle.  Then give me the rest of the afternoon off and I will be able to nap and keep that relaxed feeling.  Ah well a boy can dream, right? 

As always looking forward to Friday and being able to relax on Saturday.  Nothing planned thus far.  Thinking about getting away to the buffet, it’s been a while and I could use the time away to clear my head and get a chance of scenery.  Not to mention Bread Pudding.  It’s also time for another trip to Target.  Then mix in all of the usual weekend stuff and there you have it 2 days gone like that. 

Here’s hoping the week has been good to you and that the rest of the week will be even better.  Were all in this together.  Be well. 

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