21 September 2015

The Day Email Broke

Ever think that we rely too much on technology?  We use a 3rd party cloud based email system for spam protection.  All of our incoming and outgoing email routes through them.  Today they have a problem and it’s affecting all US based customers.  Email was dead for a while but now is flowing very slowly.  One of our high ups sent an email out saying that the problem was fixed.  I quickly did research and the internet said otherwise.  It wasn’t but an hour later and he had to eat his words.  It’s still broken and sounds like that will be the case for the majority of the day.  Just because email stops business doesn’t.  People need to communicate with their clients and exchange documents, setup meetings, etc.  I guess people are finding out what the telephone was invented for.  It won’t help you get your documents signed but you could fax them in and that would go over the phone line in most cases.

So this has been a very odd day.  I knew something was up when I couldn’t park on my usual level in the garage.  It’s just a strange day and I of course will be more thankful when it’s over with and I am at home with the furry children. 

Outside of that nothing new or exciting.  I did try to schedule some time off but the days I want I really need to be here to troubleshoot some AV issues.  Not looking to do anything fancy but relax and get away from work.  Plus get the truck looked at so I can start driving it a bit more.  As well to get my oil changed in the car.  I have plenty of time to get it done and will schedule something eventually.

Checked on the children and saw Mr. Bear moving about.  No doubt he had to go to the bathroom and his brother was laying in his bed, so I am not sure how it worked out but I will know a lot more when I get home.  Those two have been spending a little more time together, which is nice.  They get along much better than me and my brother ever did. 

Happy Monday!

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