26 September 2015

Fucked again

Not the physical type of fucking I am looking for but financial fucking which is far worse.  There is no lube, no kiss and it’s all pain!  So I took the truck (used to be my partners) to the tire shop.  Turns out I needed a new front axle, new disc brakes, new calipers and a battery.  Cost was $1 thousand dollars that’s parts and labor together.  I was told to be there by 8a and instead showed up early at 7:45a figuring that would get me some place.  Well it helped a little bit but I didn’t leave until 2p.  That was a fucking incredibly long time to sit around and twiddle my thumbs.  I did see some eye candy, which helped but I couldn’t help but think about how I was going to pay for this.  I mean I wasn’t prepared to spend that kind of money.  Oh then the kicker to the whole thing is they get the repair work done and say they hear a growling noise.  Turns out there is an issue with the left wheel bearing, it has to be replaced but I was told just to keep an eye on it.  All is okay for now.  Yeah, I guess they figured they couldn’t get any more money out of me or maybe it was they didn’t want to try.  Well now I am driving that son of a bitch to try to recoup my money.  I’ve got $2 thousand dollars of my money in that thing.  There is the repairs from today and then the repairs that the dealer did a few years back to the power steering that was actually $1,500.  I heard today that the back brakes and all of the tires were in good shape.  My instincts said to run away and take it to the dealer and trade it in today.  However, that would put me in car payments and I wouldn’t get much for it given it’s current condition.  I think I made the right choice even though financially it doesn’t feel like it. 

I have money in savings and plan on using some of that, plus money from my paycheck to cover the cost.  I have 1 month to get it together because that is when the bill will be here.  At least I used a credit card that just cycled so it’s like 1 month for free.  I’d like to pay it off in full but not sure yet that will be possible. 

I took another step and have requested a bid for replacing my roof.  While I want to bid this out and get the best price, in my heart I already know who I want to do the work.  So I contacted them and am waiting to hear back.  Hopefully I can get this taken care of quickly and on the cheap.  I’ve got a loan waiting in the wings for 6% but the contractor is offering 0% but it has to be paid in 12 months.  If were talking $8,000 that is like 600 a month and would be a no go.  I’m not Rockefeller.  The goal here is to get the job done before there is a problem and winter is around the corner.  I am gambling now as it is and eventually if I do nothing that will prove to be a major problem.  The better part is that I can submit proof the insurance company that the work is done, they will come inspect and presto my rates go lower and I get some money back.  Now that money can be used to help pay for the roof, even if it’s only $100.  I have no idea on how much to expect so I am not counting on anything right now, I will just look at it as a pleasant surprise. 

So yesterday morning I woke up to an e-mail about a presentation that would be taking place at work today (Saturday).  I figured that I would need to come in but no not the case.  Our Marketing person said that she would take care of it all.  She just wanted to know how to use the Audio Conferencing Equipment.  I sensed that there was more and that it would be better for me to come in but she insisted that it wasn’t needed.  Then she fucking bothered me all morning long with problems with the presentation.  She didn’t ask for help with Visual just Audio.  I knew I should have been there.  She panics – reached out to me first.  Then calls the help desk and then starts emailing management – not giving any of us a chance to respond.  Then she has a flood of emails and phone calls, plus people are pulling her in different directions.  Holy shit I didn’t think this one would ever die.  That was the morning.  Then there was an afternoon presentation.  Fuck me.  Yeah so I was tied up with this for the better part of the day.  I wasn’t going to charge for my time but I am now.  If she ever does this again I will be sure to go in, better to be there and have no problems than to be out and about and be bothered on my day off, when I am NOT on call.  I mean I don’t mind helping but she didn’t properly prepare any of us for what was taking place today.  That is what has me up in arms.  Several people have told me about issues they have had with her.  I brushed it off.  Now I am starting to think she really doesn’t know how to do her job.  She always panics at the last minute, because she keeps things to herself and then springs them on people.  That isn’t the way to work.  Plus if she needs something from you, she is up your ass about it.  If you need something from her, she takes her sweet ass time. 

All of this was enough to drive me to drink.  Thankfully I don’t like anything but Water, Juice, Milk, and Soda.  By the time I got home I had lunch of 2 cheesy corn dogs and a soda.  Then I laid down and took a nice long nap.  I had problems falling asleep thinking about the events of the day but eventually that went away. 

Woke up went out for a pizza and some cat food.  Then came home and started laundry and posting the receipts.  It’s enough to make me want to cry.  Then I took off on the blowjob robot people.  I filed a claim against them and am waiting to hear how that turns out.  This is through a 3rd party insurance company.  I told them if this isn’t fully resolved in 7 days I would be filing a dispute with my bank, that will mean the merchant gets assessed a fee for my action and I get a temporary credit while this is being sorted out.  I am not sure if this one will play out in my favor but I’ve got a product that doesn’t give me the pleasure they claimed it would.  I can’t sit here and just eat the loss.  Better to fight and lose than to not have fought at all. 

Plans for tomorrow hit up 2 grocery stores, clean the house, take care of laundry.  Maybe I will venture out beyond that but I seriously have my doubts.  I do have plans for driving the money mobile to work on Monday.  It won’t look pretty and it will feel different but it will also help keep the miles off of my car. 

Speaking of my car, I scheduled Friday off.  My plans are to have my oil changed and the tires rotated and balanced.  The tire shop will get more business from me, but this time it won’t cost me a penny.  The rotation and balance is included with the purchase of the tires so they do that for free.  Since I had tire problems I got a coupon for a free oil change & filter.  So no cost I kind of like that.  I was going to go back to the dealer and pay for it, but now that money is a higher concern I am going to try to go on the cheap and get it done. 

That’s all folks.  Hope you had a far better day than I did. 

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Jude said...

Sounds like your Marketing person needs a swift kick in the butt! Hope your Sunday is better!