01 July 2015

Good News

I got a call from my boss a short time ago, right before lunch.  She was calling to talk to me about my performance review and communicated my pay raise.  I got what I consider to be a very healthy raise and in addition to that she put me in for a bonus award, which was approved.  So I will be getting a nice extra check.  My raise is effective today so my next check will look pretty sweet.  I am working my way back up to where my pay was with the job before I worked for the miser.  While I am not 100% happy I would say that overall I am 90 to 95 % happy and see no reason to leave.  Apparently I am highly appreciated and lots of folks like me.  It’s not just fluff, they meant it and my paycheck proves it.  I could use more good news like this on a much more frequent basis. 

I sent the message I talked about yesterday to my friend.  Thus far no response.  It doesn’t appear that he has read it.  I am guessing he doesn’t get on Facebook that much.  This is a situation where I need to be patient and I like more instant answers.  I shall wait as I tap my fingers.

I caught up with a couple friends on the phone last night.  Looks like there might be a weekend get together at the ‘chef’s’ house.  I hope he cooks my burger well enough that it’s not still mooing at me.  I am waiting to hear back on details which probably won’t come together until tomorrow or worse case Friday.

Right now I am still on cloud 9 from my bosses phone call.  It’s like my mind is blank.  Today has been a hectic day lots to do.  We have hired even more people.  I am running out of equipment so I will get to send up the smoke signal and fight to get more.  I think that after my efforts of yesterday the equipment person will be much more willing to help me, since I helped him out. 

Traffic today was a breeze and I suspect that tomorrow the commute will be even lighter.  I really hope that they let us go early I am kind of anxious to get my tires looked at.  I still feel the vibration on occasion.  Maybe it has something to do with the new design of the tire, but once it’s checked out and I have some answers I will be able to rest easy.  I depend a lot of my car and if it can’t take me where I need to be, that is a huge problem.  I also don’t want to do anything to damage it.  I will say traveling the highway / freeway as much as I do lots of things come flying at the windshield.  Something hit the windshield on my way home yesterday.  I don’t see any obvious crack but it sounded horrible.  I think I will be replacing the windshield again soon.  Right now all is okay.  Funny how your paycheck increases and then something comes along to take your pay raise away from you. 

I had some issues sleeping last night.  I had a horrible dream that we had a Ransomware attack spread through the network and it would be days before we would be back up and running.  However, all of my coworkers were from previous jobs in the dream.  It looked like we were going to be closed for a few days.  Not that I would mind that, but anything technology related that would close us would be something that eventually caused heartburn for me.  Not looking to add to my problems. 

Marv slept with me last night and Gator cried outside the door in the middle of the night so I had to let her in.  She doesn’t like to let daddy sleep.  When it starts to get close but not quite the time to get up she senses it and starts crying.  Good luck sleeping through that.  I got out of bed and just rolled along with the morning routine.  Fudge!  I wasn’t happy about it but it wasn’t worth trying to get back to sleep.  I woke up around 3 am and had problems getting back to sleep.  I guess eventually I must have dosed off but man it took forever.  I am kind of wiped out and my neck hurts.  I think it might just be time for new pillows.  Usually that is one of the signs I get.  Neck ache is no fun. 

Wow just about time to head back to the old salt mine.  I need to check and see if my lab work results are available, before I get side tracked.  Talk with you all again soon.  I hope your having a good day. 

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Jude said...

Yay! Congrats on the pay raise! :)

And an early Happy 4th. to you!